So I'm 18 and my boyfriend is slightly younger than I am. A while ago I thought I was pregnant. It was on my mind for quite some time and all the signs were there. Felt sick all the time, missed my period, and slight cramping. I didn't tell my boyfriend that I even thought I might be pregnant because we are in NO WAY ready to have a child and he knows that if I was pregnant I wouldn't be one to get an abortion.(Even though I have nothing against it) So, finally, after some time of stressing and wondering I took a test. It came up negative which is awesome. But for some reason I was disappointed when it said I wasn't. I know I shouldn't want to have a child right now but I dont know...something in me thinks I could do it and love every minute of my life from then on that much more.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ You trolled first!

  • Ignore the two kids firsts posts.

    You have some baby l***. Its really too early due to you not really having the tools and financial support that is needed. Perhaps you do and you could really make a go of starting a family. You really should be past the boyfriend stage though.

    Use more protection during s**.

  • U are a s*** who can't keep her legs closed. If you need d*** so bad let him f*** you in the pooper or surprise butt s** as jake would say

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