I like this guy and I think he likes

I like this guy and I think he likes me, but if he does, then he's not getting my hints that I like him.
So I'm going to go out with and f*** this other guy who I don't even like that much because apparently I've become a stupid b**** like all the other girls.

I used to be such a nice girl.

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  • Stop sabatoging yourself. If you want someone to like you, tell them. Your not any worse off if he's not interested.

  • Your doing what you need to do for you,
    good for you,
    and if it's a mistake thats okay,
    Everyone makes them,
    You'll be okay.
    Enjoy the s**
    be safe
    best to you,

  • You are a dumb b****.if I were you which I am not thank god, I would go out and find at least a 8Ball of blow. Then do it all. Right when you start to crash and start fiending looking for little coke rocks in your carpet find a giant n***** that's right I said n***** and have him penetrate your stinky hole with his giant f*** stick. After he sprays his n***** c** In your filthy c*** hole take your finger stick it in that c** hole you call a p**** and lick it. Then after the giant n***** that's right I said n***** p***** on you he will then ask to watch you crap. After your crap he will not let you wipe your stinky hole.at the point he will send you on your way with you t*** filled with his n***** c** and your tushy hole stinky and full of your own p***.

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