A moment where it could not be tolerated.

Saturday evening, I started to feel a twinge of pain in my genitals during a moment of sexual arousal. I couldn’t sleep or shake the feeling of this moment of truth if I could resist the temptation of master bating, but going through a period of weakness and not being able to tolerate the unbearable pain in my reproductive organs, and at last I finally gave into self-gratifying myself in order to releaser the built up pressure that I have been trying to keep a lid for the last four weeks. During the point, I was thinking about how I would express my intimacy to who I will be sharing my life with in the future, but after relieving myself I felt both relieved from the pain and the shame of doing myself again in a disgusting manner. All those just to stop my genitals from aching just so that I can get a good night sleep. I told myself that I should spend more time mingling with women instead of wasting my excitement by myself, because to be honest I think that doing myself is starting to feel very apathetic. For from now on whenever I get excited or aroused I am going to turn all my energy towards a constructive pursuit in connecting with young women; not for the means of getting laid, but for the purpose of establishing a friendly relation.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Hank, its a dude.

    OP, If its the act of using your hands to stroke your own p****, try electrical a*** stimulation of the prostrate. It is a acceptable medical practice routinely used for various reasons.

    It makes your prostrate clench without sexual connotation. You may be developing prostrate cancer or swelling. Do you have to urinate lots? Was the pain in your testes? There is a life cycle for a sperm. It takes quite awhile to have one mature. Then they collect in an area waiting for release. Eventually the sperm die but don't quite dissolve, accumulating dead material.

    This is what you are doing to yourself.

    Can you maybe initiate masturbation outside of arousal. Start before you actually have sexual thoughts. Once every 2 weeks should be reasonable. Just do it quick, clean up, and back to regular life. Think of it as a physical workout. A one handed workout.

  • I'm sorry you are having to face this hard struggle. I hope the best for you.

  • Find something sharp and insert in your c***. Then proceed to stick the sharp object in your stinky hole. That should do the trick.

    I hate N****** asians, jews and the gays.


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