I argue with this guy at work but i get off on it!! i love it. i feel like having passionate and wild s** with him, letting out our frustrations.
Does this sound familiar anyone???????

Jul 8, 2010

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  • OH GROSS! Last poster .... You left out, "my 9 inch c***!"


  • Argue with me, my sweet. Argue with me as I unbutton your blouse and cast it aside.
    Argue with me as I unhook your bra and let it fall to the floor.
    Argue with me as I lean over and kiss each perky nipple one at a time.
    Argue with me as I undo your pants and slip them off.
    Argue with me as I drop to my knees and pull your panties down to your ankles.
    Argue with me as you steady yourself with a hand on my shoulder and step out of them.
    Argue with me as I hurriedly pull off my shirt and unhook my belt.
    Argue with me as I pull off my jeans and underwear.
    Argue with me as we stand naked in one another's presence.
    Argue with me as you reach down and take my hard c*** in your hand.
    Argue with me as I take you in my arms, let my hand drop and caress your bare buttocks.
    Argue with me as I bring my hand around to the front and probe the delicious tangle of pubic hair hiding your womanhood and feel the damp, warm promise beneath.
    Argue with me as my c*** throbs with desire and you feel yourself becoming wet with l***.
    Argue with me as we collapse into each other and grope frantically, our breath quickening, gasping......
    Argue with me as I fall onto you and you spread your legs opening yourself to me as I gently massage your c***, feeling the wet heat of your desire.
    Argue with me as you guide my rigid, blood engorged c*** into your hot, wet, p****, the swollen head sinking into your essence.
    Argue with me as I gently, but forcefully push down into you and your back arches as you moan aloud into my ear.
    Argue with me as we begin to writhe and move in a sexual rhythm, bodies gleaming with sweat, my c*** sliding back and forth inside you, throbbing.
    Argue with me as our bodies slap together then move apart, my b**** bouncing against your a******, my pubic hair entangling with yours, my hands massaging your straining buttocks, your hand and fingers exploring the crack of my ass, all the time moving, twisting, grasping.
    Argue with me as you feel the muscles of my buttocks tighten and strain as I drive down into you again and again.
    Argue with me as you lose yourself in a haze of hot liquid l*** growing hotter, hotter.
    Argue with me as you feel the o***** begin to wash over and engulf you like a boiling tidal wave of passion, your head thrown back, eyes tightly closed, mouth open gasping.
    Argue with me as my c*** goes into a wild, blood pulsing spasm, as huge quantities of thick, hot s**** explode into your body.
    Argue with me as we relax, sighing, into each other, the sweat of passion still glistening on our naked bodies, my p**** beginning to soften inside you, our juices, now mixed, gently ebbing out of you and oozing between your legs, down the crack of your ass and onto the sheet.
    Argue with me.

    Good day, my sweet.


  • ^Jake wrote this.

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