Obsessing About the Past

My wife and I have been married for three years. We work for the same company, and initially met while working on a project together about four years ago. She is very caring, loving, and our s** life is fantastic. She is highly orgasmic, and I love making love to her. I also truly believe that she has been faithful to me the whole time we have been together. Well, until last week everything was great.

While enjoying a bottle of wine and watching a situation comedy, the topic on the television turned to having threesomes. I nonchalantly asked my wife if she had ever partaken in one. She replied, “You really want to know?” I said yes. Well, she proceeded to state that she indeed had been in one before, about a year before we started seeing each other. Ok, I thought, no problem, because it was before we were together. I could also deal with the fact that the threesome in question was a MMF scenario, with her pleasing two guys. She also admitted that the experience was lovely and hot, although she stated that she would never do it again.

Now here is the problem: one of the guys with whom she had the threesome is not only one of my current co-workers, but is the guy who sits in the cube next to me. F******-A. It couldn’t be some anonymous dude from some anonymous place, but rather the guy who f****** works next to me. Now every time I see him, I have visions of him f****** my wife doggy, blowing his creamy load into her p**** (all while she is in the throes of a howling o*****), while his buddy is on the other end jerking out a load on my wife’s face. I can’t get this image out of my head. I know it is wrong to hold this matter against my wife (it was before we were together, after all), but it is getting damn hard to go to work and concentrate on anything else, when I work next to the man who has experienced working over my wife in a raunchy threeway. I feel “retroactively cuckolded,” although I know that is irrational. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop obsessing about this and move beyond this issue?

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  • Hey just be glad that she absolutely loves the h*** out of your d*** and is a total freak in the sack and not some prude who gives you the whole "I'm a different person now" crap. Not to mention she sounds like she's completely faithful and would never cheat on you with anybody. If anything gloat constantly to the guy next to you about ya'll's s** life and that you get to nail her constantly and he doesn't and how you make her scream haha.

  • Buddy, I empathize with your dilemma, but you gotta let this one go. Accept that the threeway happened and she liked it. Accept that your wife probably had multiple o****** and was dripping j*** for days after getting f***** nasty-style by a couple of dudes, one of which was your co-worker. She is committed to you now, so no worries, pal. Frankly, be happy that your wife had a pretty high level of kinkyness back in the day, because I'm sure it translates into the present.

  • So on the other hand, the co-worker has been beside you for all this time, knowing he had a threesome with your wife as one of the other partners. Can't blame him or her. Its what it is and there is nothing yo do. Do you think he's been gloating the whole time, or highly embarrassed that your wife could spill the beans on his sexual skills?

    Just stop asking the questions to yourself. Stop thinking up the visuals and think of the best view you've had of her ass slapping up and down on your c*** while doing reverse cowboy. Over and over.

    Yes, he has a notch in the headboard for that lay, but you've chopped the f*** out of that headboard with an axe.

  • f*** the other guys girl/wife

  • And here I am, yanking off to the thought of my wife and her first lover, teaching her to suck him off when she was 17.

  • Never ask a question about your wifes past you don't want to know the answer to. Since you did and she told you, stfu about it and never ask another similar question.

  • You should guard against that very, very ugly and degrading characteristic called jealousy! There would be few men left on earth if we all had to kill the men who had s** with our wives. It seems that the two men at least treated your wife with some respect otherwise she wouldn't refer to her experience as \\"lovely\\". Rather be glad that this hot woman is now YOUR wife.

  • This is exactly the reason why one should never ask about past experiences from the partner... Most people are not strong enough or confident enough to handle it.
    You know your wife did nothing wrong (never hurt you)... You are just upset because your 'hunter/gatherer' instinct is hurt because some other 'hunter' dipped his sausage in 'your' property.
    The fact is, because of her past experiences, you are having this great s** with her. Be happy with it... GM

  • ^Jake wrote the comment above this one.

  • Oh man, this sucks. It doesn't seem like there is anything u can do, except let time pass. Sorry.

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