I'm A Dishonest Blackmailer

I discovered a year ago that my neighbor was beating his wife and sexing his daughter who is in my class. I managed to get videos of both events through his windows. I made sure copies could be found in the event of my death or disappearance. Then I made my demands - I wanted to s** his wife whenever I wanted. I always thought that she was a total MILF. He agreed and I got to do what I wanted.

A month later I turned him in anyway. His wife & daughter think I'm a hero. In fact I just wanted the b****** out of the way. Now I got both of them and I'm marrying the MILF as soon as I get legal. I'm a complete a******, but I'm getting what I want.

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  • Congrats i hope you get daughter also

  • Bullshit. But it could be a lot of fun if it could be set up.

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