Thank you!

Thank you so much, to everyone that's ever left me! I'm 15! FIFTEEN! And I have abandonment issues! I'm never good enough for anyone! I have an inferiority complex AND I can't look ANYONE in the DAMN eyes anymore without BECOMING A BABBLING MESS! I can't stand up for myself! Thank you so much, to both my step-father and my biological father (wherever you are) for these stunning, wonderful traits that I will carry with me for eternity! Go on! Take a bow! You both deserve a nice round of applause! The same goes for every friend I've ever had- not one of you, NOT A SINGLE DAMN ONE OF YOU, have EVER stood by me! NEVER! NOT A SINGLE TIME! I've always been there for you!
Yeah. Thank's so much for being there when I need you. All of you.
I hope you all choke on the words you've used to tear me apart over and over and over and over again.

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  • U need a serious f****

  • Listen up crybaby! Yuu come into this world alone and you go out alone. Grow a set and shut the f*** up. Boo f****** hoo my friends walked out. At least they walked out before they stole from me or touched my kids.

  • ^ Isn't this direct copy/pasta?

    To the OP. You stand by people when they need help.... do you actually communicate that you want support when you need it too?

  • Ok listen to me very carfully Ýou filthy little slob. Go find a n***** that's right I said n***** and let him penatrate your stinky hole with his giant f*** stick. Then when he is about to c** let him pinch you in your suck hole and then he will c** on your trashbag face. Ye ye see.

  • Yeah, I've never met a fifteen year old who didn't have a knack for hyperbole.

  • now that you know why you feel the way you do the hardest part is over. seriously! that is the hard part. now it is up to you to pick yourself up and figure out what you want out of life. it wont be easy but you can do it! if you have this insite at 15 that is amazing. some people go their whole lives without knowing what went wrong. now you know so begin YOUR life. help yourself don't hurt yourself. if you do harm it will only hurt you. smile and begin your new life :)

  • The first positive thing that I can comment on is that at least you are well literate for a 15-year old, compared to other letters on this post. That shows potential as in the above comment. Being there for everybody else is a great characteristic, but rather concentrate on building a future for yourself. The fighting spirit in your letter shows your ability to succeed. GOOD LUCK !!

  • Listen to me. Seriously.

    You are perfect the way you are. You're young and full of potential. Do well in school, and go away to college, and make something of yourself.

    If you are not to be part of the greatest, you are to become the greatest yourself.

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