I hate him with all my guts

My mom and dad just recently divorced. I'm 13 years old and currently I live with my dad for the most part and then with my mom when my dad has to go to work and Dosent want to leave me alone. But ever since a couple of months ago (when my parents were still together) my mom met some guy that moved from Mexico and he apparently is an "old friend". But since before the divorce my mom would hang out with him a lot and she still dose and I'm like some f****** c*** block or some s*** because every time I'm f****** around they f****** go somewhere private, and she told me that he's just a friend but I seriously don't believe that s*** and I just hate him so damn much. Sometime I have thoughts of just beating his g******* face in. She tries to make me hang out with him even though I told her that I don't like this f****** j******. And it seems that every time they go somewhere" private" she seems to f****** "forget" her phone so I have to go and find her. No disrespect to my mother but I really f****** hate her right now. Like I just want to kill that mother f***** and I've talked to mom about me not liking him and she still does this s*** like what the f***. I don't know what I'm going to do and I kind of feel like running away from her and just live with my dad and never speak to her in my life ever again. I know that seems really exaggerated but it's the truth. Anyways I think that's enough said.

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  • Well, I'd run away and go to a friends house (with your phone) a little bit and not tell her so that this way she knows what you'll do, and knock her s*** off. Trust me, I did this before. But different people take things differently, so, yeah.

  • Having your parents divorce is tough. But then watching your parents begin to date someone else is another difficult reality to accept. I think you would hate anyone that dates your mom or your dad at this point. You're not even used to them living in two different places. Your anger is understandable. It's a tough period of adjustment for you. This guy that she's seeing may not be forever. Your mom is is probably with this guy because she's lonely. A lot of people, for whatever reason have a hard time being by themselves. So they just jump into another relationship, so they don't have to deal with those feelings of loneliness. She may not stop seeing this guy, that may be something you have to accept. Killing your mom is not the answer, neither is running away. Your parents dating other people, maybe be your new normal. Hopefully, they can date someone that you get along with as well. Talk to your mom and continue to tell her how you feel. If you must live with your dad, maybe you should for awhile... but keep talking to her. I know you're mad, but she's your mom.

  • Really girl, your fuse is lit & HOT.. Can't touch this..

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