Ok so I am in love with a married woman, she has stated she loves me too but wont leave her husband. She says she thinks about me but she never emails me, never writes anything on here for me, never calls me. I know its hard for her to do these things becuase she is married and i respect that but it hurts badly. I have no idea if she is safe, sad, happy, whats new in her life I am just left wondering about her safety and happiness. Does she really love me, I so hope so. Even though we cant be together I love her more than words can say. She is the most special person that has ever come into my life, I will never ever forget her. In fact I know I can never be with another women because no women will ever be her. No women will make me feel the way she does. Life is so lonely knowing u cant be with your soulmate and that I dont want anybody else ever. I feel bad that she feels guilty about loving me but in my heart I believe her and I are meant to be together. Life is so dam cruel. I should not be going to bed lonely at night I should be cuddling and talking with my special girl, my angel.

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  • She's just looking for some extra c***.
    If it wasn't you, it would be somebody else.

  • I am guessing that you are no older than 21, and this is probably the first or maybe the second girl you have boned, and I am also guessing that she is older than you. If all of what I have said is true or at least close. then you know what I am about to say is true and you would be a dumb ass not to listen. First off she is using you, not for money or anything like that, but she is using you to make herself feel pretty and sexy, and it always feels good to have a puppy on a leash that you can make sit or play dead or scratch thier tummy when you have had a rough day, basically you are a toy to her something to play with and then throw away. Seroiusly dude you think you love her, but she is bad news, and at any time she might want a little drama in her life and let slip to her husband that you seduced her and it was all an accident, and now you have her husband who is out for blood and she is gonna just kick back and watch as both of you dumb a**** prove your love for her by beating each others brains out. There is a good chance your angel might be a devil in disguise.

  • ^^LMAO The real love she shares with her husband? Lotta real love there, her sleeping with this guy and everything.


  • Agree with the comment above me. She could of just been using you when her husband was upsetting her or when she just wanted something new in her life. What she had with you was just infautation... which doesnt even come close to the real love she shares with her husband.

  • She is using u. She doesn't love u. She won't leave her husband. She tells u what u want to hear.

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