I wonder how working people go out all the time, drink too much during the week, complain/joke on Facebook with hangover videos and post about how they're feeling like cr*p the next day and then repeat the same m.o. the subsequent weeks/months...probably years.

This man has been on Facebook for the last two months doing the same thing. He obviously drinks too much during the week when he has to go to work the next day, feels like crap and posts on Facebook with poor spelling and grammar. The pathetic thing is that he's a Principal with a telecommunications firm which does a lot of business with the big 'three letter government agencies' (I'm guessing NSA, CIA, etc.) as he put it. What a joke.

Doesn't it get old? And how'bout the people who can't be home alone without wine or a cocktail? Or those who start drinking at 8, 9 or 10 a.m? What's the deal? Alcholics or Hard Partiers?

I want to shake the h*** out of them and ask them what's wrong with them. I secretly think that they're pathetic and pitiful people.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^ So, exactly what my Mom did. Kill the curiosity by the occasional sips during special occasions. Learn what excess is. Then those tactics might set you up to respect alcohol.

    This unfortunately can not stop someone from becoming an alcoholic later in life. By that time they are supposed to be responsible acting adults. For some even the 3rd DUI isn't enough of a lesson yet. I do not agree with MADD and their quest to intrude into and criminalize all behavior in a vehicle, but I support the 'drive responsibly' message.

  • ^ First commenter here. A little story...

    Your past with your Dad, and you noticing the drinking could exactly be happening with a nephew of mine. It seems okay with the faimly to drink for whatever small reason. They do it, their parents did it. Its the norm.

    His wife is very anti-pot and attributes the ills of society on it. Or if anyone who has life hassles, its the pot which is evil if they barely use it in a recreational way. Never a mention of alcohol, or how alcohol contributed to an accident even if it isn't car related. Snowmobiling with booze is common. But when someone crashes, the booze becomes hush hush. Both of my bother-in-laws have rolled trucks into the ditch. Both times while either mildly drunk, or right hammered. That part of the story is always omitted and other conditions show up to explain the accident. Moose, road ice, sleep... never the booze.

    I use alcohol with respect. When I was 10 and older, I was allowed half a glass of wine for the whole meal. Just enough for me to feel included. I never felt that mystique that kids who never had a drop feel. It was just another liquid at the dinner table. Wine tasted.. well.. okay. I never thirsted for it because it was never an issue to have some. Want a bit? Sure. Want more? No thanks.

    Then I turned 13. My brother and his friend decided to try to see how far into a book we had. \\"Cocktails A to Z\\". It was a few in when ingredients started to be substituted, then it got bad. I learned all about the dry heaves and that even if the room is spinning, putting a foot on the floor just does not work.

    The follow up is my Mom allowed that to happen, but did not allow me to try to hide from the hangover. It was a rule that if you were old enough to drink, you have to accept the consequences. She pulled me out of bed and off to the market we go. I was so ill with a pounding headache I was thankful that a little bit of food and lots of water helped. I also found out that a Mc D' cheeseburger is the best tasting thing for a hangover.

    I learned to fear alcohol that day. It was so early in my development it stuck. I already explored my limits, so didn't need to go overboard like teenagers might do when they finally get access.

    So now, to wind down I prefer to smoke a bit of weed. If I have some of that, I never touch alcohol. It gives me the effect I'm looking for. Relaxation. I have wine and vodka on hand, but it just does not appeal to me.

    My girls are 5 and 2. When my oldest acts mature enough, I might allow her to feel included by allowing her a speck of wine, just so she understands that it isn't some big deal. Its not allowed in any other situation, but it isn't special. Am I wrong to think that this is a responsible way to teach my kids about alcohol? I think so, as it is a totally controlled situation it can defuse problems in the future.

  • Its escapism. They abuse government sanctioned substances which fix nothing. It becomes an addiction. Those few hours seem so special it becomes ritual. Prohibitionist ideals create unwarranted appeal to youngsters. After that, commercialism takes control and sells it as a product which enhances your life and general livelihood. They make it seem that all people admire users of the products, whatever product it is.

    What you describe sounds like what is called a functioning alcoholic. My brother-in-law is one. Irish cream in the coffee during the day, brews at night.

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