Mother took me to Victoria's Secret.

Mom caught me in her expensive lingerie one day. She wasn't really too angry it's just that I was too large for her things. Also I left my c** in her French undies. She saved some cash for my back to school clothes but insisted we go "girl shopping". Mom had me change my underwear and replace it with a pair of "Sheer Energy" sheer to the waist pantyhose. Also she had me slip on a silky pair of satin baby blue panties. Mom wore 4 inch high heels and the clicking echoed throughout the mall. Her nylon sheathed thighs whispered as they smoothly rubbed together. Her silk dress was well above her knees showing plenty of leg. The patent leather high heels glistened in the lights as did her shimmering pantyhose. Mom insisted on holding my hand as we window shopped. Occasionally commenting on how adorable something was, she had me following closely. The next stop was the panties and pantyhose display. The shiny panties were so pretty and silky looking. Mom asked me my opinion on some all silk panties. I felt them as did mom. The fabric was so soft and indescribably luxurious. Taking several pair to the dressing room, I followed my mom inside. She locked the room and asked me to unzip her silk dress. I quickly did so and my mom was standing there in only pantyhose bra slip and heels. I handed her a especially pretty pair of silk panties which she promptly put on and pulled up. Rubbing her new panties and smoothing out her pantyhose, mom asked what I thought of her silky panties and told me to feel the expensive material. "Son, would YOU LIKE SEVERAL PAIRS OF SILK PANTIES?" "MOTHER, SOMEONE MIGHT HEAR!" "IT'S ALRIGHT HONEY, I THINK YOU DESERVE THEM!" "BABY, MOTHER WANTS YOU TO WEAR THEM!' "SHHH, PUT THEM ON OVER YOUR PANTYHOSE!". I QUICKLY SLID THE LUXURIOUS SILK PANTIES OVER MY SHEER PANTYHOSE. THEY FELT SO NICE AGAINST MY LEGS. MOM HAD MADE SURE I CLOSELY SHAVED MY LEGS BEFORE WE LEFT. I NEVER REALIZED EXACTLY HOW SILKY SMOOTH MY HAIR LESS LEGS WOULD FEEL LIKE IN MY NYLONS. I WORE THE SILK PANTIES OVER MY NYLONS. MOM CARESSED MY LEGS SLOWLY COMMENTING ON HOW NICE THEY LOOKED AND HOW SMOOTHING THEY MADE MY LONG LEGS APPEAR. I WASN'T WEARING ANY SOCKS AND WE WERE GOING NEXT TO TRY ON SOME GORGEOUS HIGH HEELS. MOTHER PICKED OUT MY SIZE AND SOON I WAS CLICKING AROUND IN HIGH HEELS. MOTHER ALSO FOUND A COUPLE OF PAIRS TOO. IT TURNED OUT WE BOTH WORE SIZE 10.
"OH SON, YOU LOOK PRETTY IN YOUR HEELS!" "Thanks mom, I looked down at my new high heels and looked at my mom with love. "Mom, I just love them!".
Holding hands, we kissed and headed for the nail salon. We both got clean looking French nails. They were so pretty and gave our hands a refined look. Our pedicures were also done similarly. The Asian girls giggled as they worked on our nails. In less than a hour our toes and fingers looked so glamorous. I had found a lycra miniskirt to wear. I had found a butt enhancer and new silicon bra implants too. Our hair was quickly arranged with pageboy wigs. Looking in the mirror I was astonished and not a bit shy about my new look. When we returned to the limousine with blacked out windows, I simply couldn't wait any longer. Our lips pressed as I we felt our legs touch.


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  • You darling boy I want you so much!!!! I'd caress you in your silky undies, kiss you and love you. I would put you in a silky short skater skirt and silky bra and blouse, lay you on my bed, then lay down naked beside you. You would feel my erect member pushing hard against your body while I masturbated you, but not making you c**, then rolling you over onto your tummy, then pulling your knickers over and entering you while you cry with both joy and pain as my erection spreads your lovely cheeks. I would pull your hips up reach under to your erection and m********* you until we both c** together.

  • Calling bullshit

  • Yep! It's sure got the retards riled up though, doesn't it

  • Mmm wow great to hear what mum did with u how did u feel after it was all done?

  • Time to get ass f***** and mine is hard , pull those knickers aside and c** in your tight boyhole

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