2 Different Worlds

So,this confession is going to sound like a typical story of "mother daughter rivalry" -but,that's not all it is...Ever since i was a little kid-me and my mom have been arguing...about everything-we cant come to any common ground on anything we talk about-she never listens to what i have to say (and please dont tell me that she does and i just think that she doesn't) like seriously-a minute later,she'll bring up/say something that i just told her about a couple of minutes ago...like i didn't say anything at all-she even talks over me like im not talking...just-totally tunes me out.ive thought about it,and its not I think that she just that she has a memory problem-i think she just-doesn't like listening to people because she thinks she's always right.i understand that parents today have a lot going on and a lot to worry about-it's just-she is always trying to control my life-and she makes me feel like im never ever good enough..a good example is that-well,im in college now-and math has always been hard for me. i told her the other day that i got an 85% on my test(i was SOOO proud of myself and couldn't stop smiling) and,well-when i told her that,she's like "i thought you got an A?" even though-i never said anything like that...she's always makes me feel that what im doing-just isn't good enough..and that makes me feel not good enough and depressed. I have a huge eating disorder because i am constantly worrying and stressing about if i am good enough for anyone and at anything..and sometimes-honestly i feel like just giving up. More than a couple of times,my mom has made me want to kill myself.im not suicidal-and haven't attempted it before-but she makes me feel so bad that i dont even want to live on this earth anymore..there is no changing her. i have now been on this earth for 20 years,hoping that maybe one day-me and my mom could even be...friends. but i dont think that day will ever come.


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  • Wow....this confession really scared me. You sound like something I wrote once, word for word in some parts. I am 15, but I, too have a mother like that. I have never been enough and at age 12 I began a three year span of constant battle with bulimia and anarexia. I am healthy now, I did it all on my own, no one ever knew. It was the worst thing in my life and if I had been given help, maybe it would have not taken so long. Please, please, get help. Trust me, you are a wonderful person and you Need to learn to get past what your mother says. I work on it every day and I'm only 15. please, ask for help, it kills me to know how much pain you are in.....

  • Sweetie, you need to stop trying to please your mother. She is obviously jealous of you. You are either prettier than her or have accomplished things that she has not. Or something, she is jealous. You will be fine if you live to suit yourself. Set goals for yourself, write them down in a journal and when you accomplish them (like 85% on your math test) write that as well and reward yourself. But resist the temptation to tell her. She will only shoot you down. Move on and make a good life for yourself, you will find a good man and live and love. But you don't need her to validate you. You can do it.

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