Why do people think that they should

Why do people think that they should have their kids babysat for practically for nothing.

I got a phone call this morning from a woman who needs a baby sitter,her daughter was having the grandkids{2} babysat in a seedy area of town and wanted them out of there. We are in a good part of town,I provide a huge safe yard,a pool,lunches,snacks and a clean environment.YET she practically had a heart attack when I asked for 6$ an hour.Taking care of kids IS real work.Not to mention the clean up afterward,kitchen,floors,more dishes,ect...Considering all of that I should be charging 12$ an hour.You get what you pay for.I once phoned this woman who needed a baby sitter,she wanted to pay 30$ a DAY for 4 kids.Gimme a break.When are people going to smarten up.They would be paying twice that in a daycare.

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  • I pay $40 a day for my son at a good daycare. $6 a day is a steal. Anyone who thinks that taking care of kids is easier than working outside the home is an idiot or just plain neglectful. This is coming from a Dad who's wife is at home on mat leave right now. She's got it tougher than I do. Respect the stay-at-home parent b******.

  • I think you are greedy bi--.I have watched peoples kids for free.but then again am not running abusiness.

  • I pay my sitter $25 a day ($125/week) for my one daughter. It breaks me to pay that much, when she is at home anyway being a stay at home mom. Wait till you have kids and you see how much child care costs. I make $150 a week after I pay taxes and babysitting. She makes almost as much as me (NO TAXES either) and gets to sit in her sweatpants all day playing with my daughter and her baby.

  • Think about it, if she makes $10 an hour and she's paying you $6 an hour, then she is actually making less on the hour than you are. Plus you get to be at home all day. You don't have to dress up, or go to an office. You don't have to commute everyday and sit in traffic. I wish someone would pay me to stay at home. It's MUCH easier that working all day long.

  • I have 4 kids and pay my babysitter $200 a week. When I have extra, I give her extra. She doesn't seem to have a problem. She makes what she would at a minimum wage job. And she couldn't really do much better than that bc she dropped out of school. And I couldn't afford to pay her more.

  • i h8 when people do that! i have to babysit my little cousins free and might get 5 bucks. i can't even by lunch w. that.

  • $6 an hour is completely reasonable, should be $6 per kid. I'm sorry but if someone were to provide all of that for my kids I would rather them be happy and want to take care of my kids. Instead of lazy and ignore my kids because they aren't making enough money to pay attention to them. When they b**** just tell them don't they think their kids are worth $6 an hour considering all the fun they'll have. Better yet, tell grandma to watch the kids all day for less and see how she feels, especially when part of the money goes to feeding and caring for the kids.

  • I think $6 an hour is totally reasonable, I guess people just like to pinch pennies when it comes to the wellfare of their children.

  • I'm an adult with 4 kids you stupid b******.Learn to read.

  • You ungrateful brat, I would not give you a dime if I was your parents. You probably have a room full of s*** and don't appreciate any of it. Go whine to your mommy.

  • I dont know, why should kids expect their parents to give them money for the movies, by them playstaations, pick them up from every activity under the sun, put tv,s and cd players in their rooms, ect., ect. Be thankful they give you anything, I babysat my sister for a long time without any pay but considered it part of my HELPING OUT THE FAMILY. What a concept. GET THE MESSAGE?!!!!!!!

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