Worried my buddies daughter may be mine

He told his wife he had been s******* the baby sitter. he wanted her and to kick his wife out. There was a big arguement and he left her. His dad ask me to stay there and tend the chickens and mow the pasture. Until things cleared up.
Well his wife was there with me, no car and his dad came up to bring us things few times per week.
She cried in her room and came into mine. She go so upset one night she kissed me. I did not fight her, she got in my bed. We had s** and used no protection. I figued she took birth control.
So the next night she just came in my room. We had s** and she laid with me after. My buddy came back and brought me the tools I needed. he told me he did not intend on coming back. It was over.
He ask his dad to kick his wife out and let him move this young girl in. he would not. He worried his grand son would have no place to live.

Each day I came in and showered at noon time. She fied me lunch and we f***** after lunch. Usually again that night and some early mornings she would wake me up to get some more.

I came out of the chicken house and he was back. The baby sitter got p***** when she found she did not get the farm. She dumped him.

The next month she missed her period and told me. Then the Dr checked her and told her when he thought it happened. Two weeks before her husband came back. I was with her 24 -7 and know no one else was with her.
now the little girl is turning two and looks like me. My buddys mom said she looks like my budys sister, but the eye color is wrong and so is her look. No one has blue eyes on either side but I do.
I dont know if I should say anything or not. I do get to see her now as it is.

Sep 8, 2014

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  • If you can live with the idea that someone else is raising your child as his, and if you can live with the idea of the girl's mother staying with her husband, then say nothing. Not ever. Not to anyone. If the mother is good in bed, I say use the paternity secret as a means -- if it's necessary -- of maintaining the sexual relationship with her. It may not be necessary, if she is aroused by the cheating, and if you both still have that same intense physical heat for each other. The long-term relationship has great potential. But whether or not you keep having s** with the mother, don't ever tell anyone that you are the child's father. That has no upside whatsoever.

  • She is not bad in bed, I think she feels I give her better than she she gives me. he still does nothign with her, but he is not kicking her out. He usually gets pretty drunk when I come to visit. that makes her come ot me when he is passed out. I make her leave the room after, I also make her show me she is tsking her BC medications. I figure if i give her some pleasure, her life is better. if her life is better so may the childrens lives.
    In summer mowing the pastures she brings a lunch and blanket to the me in the pasture. We have a little romance after. She likes it and I enjoy giving it to her.
    I feel sorry for her but i dont love her that way.

  • I must say that your way of looking at the situation is even more reasonable and generous than I thought it was: your focus on the improvement in her life and in the lives of the children is incredibly selfless and really admirable. And it may seem like a stretch to say this, but I honestly believe that you are helping to save her marriage. I've seen that happen many times before (in fact, I was involved in a relationship that had that effect), so if you're comfortable with being "the other man" in her life, and if you occasionally remind her that you aren't willing to marry her (assuming that's true, of course), then I think the affair is a wonderful thing for BOTH of you. The only potential negative is this: if she becomes seriously attached to you, but realizes you aren't going to blow up her marriage to get her, she may blow it up herself by announcing who the real father of the youngest child is, just to rid herself of her inconvenient husband and try to force your hand in a really public way. That's probably only a very remote possibility, but it could happen. Another and much happier (and much sexier) alternative would be to intentionally have another child with her on the sly, remain where you are in her life, and deepen the lovely -- and loving -- hold you have on your friend's wife. And on her heart. And on her womb. I love what you're doing with this woman. I really truly do. I would wish you "good luck", but I think you've been incredibly lucky so far, and you seem to be making your own luck with your attitude and approach to the entire situation. Well done!

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