Time for a change

About 24 years ago when I was 38 I found out that my then husband was having an affair with a younger woman. I had 2 young children by him. One day after a day out with my children I came home only to find my husband with his girlfriend in our bed. I told both of them to get out and for my husband to take his things with him. After about 4 weeks I was feeling a bit down and got a baby-sitter to look after my children and went to town for a drink. I went into this bar, ordered a drink and sat down on a stool at the bar. After a short while a woman about my age came up to me and started talking to me. In the bar there was a disco and when the slow songs came on she asked if I would like to dance and I said that I would, whilst we were dancing to the slow music we were embraced in each others arms and when the music stopped she kissed me full on the lips and I did the same back to her. We left the bar and went back to my place, as we left the bar I found out it was a gay bar. The woman I took home stayed the night and we shared the bed together and it was the first time I ever had s** with a woman and it was amazing. We have been together ever since and I no longer trust men.

Apr 28, 2018

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  • Reminds me of people who have a couple bad experiences with people of a certain race and condemn the whole lot for what a few did . Not all men are saints and not all are sinners .

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