I'm going insane!!!

Here's the deal, I am beyond bored with you. You are absolutely TERRIBLE in bed. I'm in my sexual prime and because I'm not a cheating dirt bag I'm having lots of BAD s** instead of the hot steamy kind I imagine I'm having in order to get off when I'm f****** you. I don't want to stay home to have "quality time " together. Watching bad TV and listening to your played out music selection makes me scream internally. I can't even m********* without you zeroing in on me and having a huffy insecure fit. I fantasize about leaving and being free to do whatever the h*** I please withou this soul-sucking compromising that's aging me before my time. By the way, the first order of business in these little fantasies of mine- Having some hot as f*** mandingo slam me into a wall and f*** the s*** out of me until I scream his name and fall into a SATISFIED heap on the floor laughing and crying at the sweet release of being f***** properly after 17+ years of this mediocre bullshit

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  • We both lay naked atop the sheets as I lean toward you and begin to lightly brush my lips against your neck.
    You stir as I gently begin to kiss your bare b****** and nipples.
    I move slowly down the center of your body, ever so lightly over your bare midriff toward your navel.
    Your breath and pulse quicken.
    Pausing there, I insert my tongue and just as quickly, remove it.
    My hand is moving slowly up the inside of your thigh, feeling the soft, silkyness of your warm flesh.
    Then, I reach around behind and slip my hand under you, grasping the soft, yet firm buttocks.
    My lips continue their journey down to your mound of Venus, where I pause to inhale the damp, musky s** scent of your womanhood.
    Now, I position myself between your legs and raise your knees to give me better access to your female treasures.
    I wet my finger for lubrication and sliding it between your ass cheeks, begin to gently massage your a***.
    Now, I start to slowly and lightly lick you from the bottom of your l**** up to and around your c*******.
    You shudder and begin to rotate your hips as my tongue probes deeper, harder, smacking and sucking noises fill the room along with your moans and the intake of your breath.
    I feel your c***, like a hard, little marble, sliding from one side to the other as I move my tongue around it in a circle.
    I feel your spinchter muscle pulsing and contracting in your a*** while I struggle to keep my tongue inside you, as you pump against my face.
    Your wet, hot, sticky juices are flowing freely now, out of your body and down onto my finger, still into and massaging your a******.
    You pump and rotate faster and harder now, your moans somewhere between crying and laughing, pain and pleasure, your hips off the bed now, my face covered with your juices, your body shining with sweat, your hands clenched, head pressed back hard against the pillow, hair matted to your forehead, eyes closed, toes begin to curl up tightly......................
    then you scream as you give a last violent, upsurging push toward my face, holding tightly against me for a moment, then, relaxing completely and falling limply back into a sweating, panting heap.
    I slowly raise my head, then lower it again to lick the vaginal juices from your a****** and between your legs.
    Wiping my mouth with the back of my hand, I am filled with the smell and taste of your female essence.
    I put my head between your legs one last time and give you a warm, wet French kiss on your a******.
    Your eyes are closed..............and you're smiling.
    Life is good.

    Good night, my lovely.


  • I have quite an imagination myself..........and I loved and engulfed every word you wrote Lord Cocksman......Why cant all men f*** their women like that??

    Female 29 stuck in a sexless marriage..


  • Lord Cocksmith is Rack the Jipper

  • holy mother f****** s*** Lord Cocksman now that's what I'm talking about! Do it again! do it again!!

  • I think about putting my arms around you and holding you tenderly while I gently caress your b****** as you sigh and rest your head on my shoulder.
    Your perfume fills the air as I unbutton your blouse, remove it and let it fall to the floor. Then, I reach behind and unhook your bra as you pull one arm back, grab the strap with the other hand and take it off in one motion.
    It too, falls to the floor as I pause for a moment, gazing at your soft, tender b****** and the uplifted perky nipples protruding so invitingly.
    Then, I softly kiss each one, letting my tongue lightly swirl around one then the other, as I hear your breath quicken.
    Now, I move my hands to your waist and begin undoing your slacks. You help me as I move directly in front and kneel before you.
    Using both hands, one on each side, I reach to your waist and pull the slacks down to your ankles.
    Repeating the motion, I pull your panties down to the same position.
    Now, you put one hand on my shoulder and step out of them, one leg at a time.
    Before I straighten up, I move forward and put my face to your pubic hair, extend my tongue and lick you from the bottom to the top of your opening, stopping at your c*** and repeating the soft tongue motion I performed on your now hard nipples moments before.
    I can smell the musky scent of your womanhood mixed with your perfume as I move my hand behind to caress your soft, warm buttocks and explore the cleft of the beautifully shaped ass.
    My finger playfully slides between your cheeks and tickles your a*** as I begin to stand up and undo my belt.
    You reach down to help me as I drop my jeans to the floor, my erection straining against the white cotton of my BVDs.
    Then, I pull the underwear down and you look for the first time upon my aroused c***.
    Your hand immediately grasps me and begins to softly massage the member, before sliding down to cup my b****.
    I remove my shirt, then pause for a moment as we stand, naked and aroused, before one another.
    The moment passes and I reach up and put my hands on your shoulders, pushing you to your knees before me.
    I put my hand on the back of your head and rub my c*** all over your face, feeling the soft, suppleness of your skin as you lick my b**** and rub my ass cheeks.
    Your tongue moves to the head of my c*** and playfully licks all around, then slides down the shaft and back onto my b****.
    All the while, you can smell the scent of my maleness, feel the throbbing c*** and see the veins pulsing as you become frantic with desire and pure, unadulterated l***.
    I grab you by the hair and force you to the floor, falling on top and reaching down to feel your damp, sticky wetness.
    I raise up as you grab my c***, guide it down and rub quickly rub the swollen head up and down against your slit to lubricate for entry.
    A sharp intake of breath as I push down and penetrate the soft, hot depths of your womanhood.
    I push all the way in, my b**** pressing against your a****** as you raise your legs submissively, accepting my thrust.
    Then, I begin to move, slowly at first, then a pounding, forceful, raw sexual rhythm that envelopes us. Our sweat flows together like the joining of two wild rivers as we move together, panting, grasping, groping......
    Then the point of no return is reached, you cry out, arch your back pressing hard against me and a large, very large quantity of hot, sticky, thick s**** explodes from me and bursts into the depths of your soul.
    You and I both let out a long moan and as we slowly sink back onto the floor, your hot juices mix with my virile c** and begin to run down between your legs over your a*** and into the crack of your ass where they finally settle onto the carpet, spreading out into a dark, wet stain.
    We catch our breaths, the ones we lost just a few moments before and look at one another.
    As our eyes meet, the question forms; when will I see you again?

    Have a nice day, my lovely.


  • Well, ummm it is a confession, we're starting to head in the right direction folks!

  • Best of luck to you. I hope you're free of this relationship soon.

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