I'm not a racist but...

I find it hard not to be since some of the dumbest f**** I've ever met are also Asian. Most of them don't know how to speak English and just nod their head at whatever you say like total fruit loops. Still I try to refrain from throwing dumb Asian jokes in their face, even though I feel like I should.

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  • i think if u come to America then u shuld learn our language instead of us switching to learn your language but if we go to another country then u must learn their language

  • Well.. -racist-. Thinking you are naturally genetically superior to someone else. Doesn't sound like it so okay.

    So you are just angry at the level of education they have in a secondary language. But then you generalize that experience and project it on all people of Asian appearance. It IS ignorant of you to not accept that. It takes a good 4 years of constant immersion to get what you think they should have. It isn't a perfect world, and too bad it inconveniences you.

    The other commentators are correct about the flip-flop of this. In a foreign country they could think the same as you. I spent a few years learning French. I had a hard time conversing in it, but reading and writing it was a different matter. Comprehension was easier with the written word. Accents get in the way of understanding. Try talking slower, but not condescending slow. Just put a little bit more time in between your words. No need to slowly sound out the word. Maybe you'll have less issues.

    Best of luck!

  • ^ damn right, everyone should learn to speak "Asian." Reminds me of that dumb b**** in the Miss America or whatever who said that Africa was a country.

    Wikipedia: over 26 languages in Asia.

  • Hmm... maybe, just maybe, English isn't the only language and if you spoke Asian to them, you'd sound even worse?

    Or, they, seeing just how stupidly short sighted you really are, decide to just smile and nod their heads at you to annoy you?

    You decide.

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