I hate being Asian

I am 100% Asian. I know it. But I hate to say I am Asian and hate being one. I always want to be white. I am always jealous of white and wish I could be white or at least half white. I know I cannot get away with the saying that I am fully white, so I started to lie around I am somewhat white, at least with white DNA. Since I am 5’9 and I am a girl which means I am taller than average Asians and I have lighter eye color than average Asian, I am not convinced that I am 100% Asian. I took a DNA test to find out my ancestry During the waiting period, I constantly prayed that I have white DNA. I found out that I am 99% Asian and Native American. Among those percentage, I am 45% broadly Asian and Native American. I always grasp the point of having Native American DNA and boost around that I have Native American DNA, always convinced that Native Americans are white, but they are not. But the sound “American” makes me feel happier than being Asian. I know it, I am mostly Asian and I genuinely hate being one. I don’t even know why.

May 22, 2018

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  • How could you hate being Asian???? Your race is literally killing it. You guys are high in population, building way faster than whites, Asian women are better looking than most white women. (idk if you are a guy or a girl) Idk why Asian guys are obsessed with a white girl lol. You think everyone here in the west is a super model, but you are wrong most are fat and ugly.

    Trust me the Aryans are DYING. Most of the men are completely cucked, and the women prefer other men.

    The west is a dying race, why anyone would want that is beyond me.

    Do you know that white men are literally paying black dudes to f*** their wives?????? That is how cucked these Aryans are.

    I would rather be on the winning team personally. Whites probably wont exist within 1000 years and that's just the truth.

  • Can we finally lay aside the stereotype that it's only white girls who cry to the world about bullshit "problems" now?

  • We are who we are because of choice. We are what we are genetically because that’s just biology. Who you are is more important than anything else.

  • It's your mom's fault she didn't get f***** by American

  • Your f*****. Not because your Asian. Your f***** because you are getting wound up and stressed by something that simply "is". It's not good or bad. It just "is" and you have assigned a value to it. In this case you have decided it is bad. That is why you are f*****. So get over it and start believing in yourself. Get on with life.

  • I had a Japanese girlfriend who felt the same way. I reminded her that Asians had a civilization a thousand years before white Europeans and that many of our achievements would not have been possible had we not copied some of the technology of the Asian peoples.

    Be proud to be Asian.

  • Listen sweetheart you are a young stupendous beautiful girl no matter u r Asian or American.....may be u r not getting the love and respect that fellow american friends are getting around you, that's why you are feeling low ...but that is not decided by color...so need not to loose heart and I love you the way you look...lots of hugs...

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