i will never tell this secret

When I was 14 (i am now in my 20s) I had a sexual/emotional relationship with a married, 54 year old man, who happened to be my teacher...

I regret this from the bottom of my heart. I was so lost/confused then, I never had a father figure growing up and he took advantage of that, even though he said he loved me. But now I find myself on the verge of tears every time I think of him or see someone who looks like him.

I know I may need professional help to overcome this, but I could never handle the shame for confessing this to my loved ones.

Young girls: NEVER EVER believe an older man when he says he loves you. he will just f*** you and leave you feeling like s*** for the rest of your life...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Want some candy little girl???

  • ^^^ Not going to happen, buddy boy. Not on your life.
    The girls I "train" are carefully handpicked by me to be the "loner" type, hopefully with some emotional issues.
    They look up to me as their mentor and they are my "protege".
    I don't need a young girl boasting to her girlfriends about how she's learning to f*** and give head.
    The girls I choose have already been ostracized from their contemporaries and have no one to blab to.
    I also make sure they know that if they say anything to their parents, I'll just say she's the one who started it.
    That wouldn't really work, of course, but a young girl doesn't know that.
    If worse comes to worse, I just tell them I'm a cop and show a phony badge and I.D. card to prove it.
    Now who you gonna call??
    Seriously, though, in later years, you may be marrying one of my graduated "students".
    After one night, you'll want to thank me.
    But don't mention it.
    It "was my pleasure".

  • I do hope that ALL you sons of b****** pedophiles die a horrible death.

    When the truth of your crimes are found out, I will be so happy when you are in prison and the baddest ass in there makes you HIS b****!

  • I have to confess to this as well. I'm 58 and involved with a 15 year old girl. She's not in "love" and has no illusions about why we're involved.
    She really wants to learn about her sexuality and knows that young boys are too immature and like to brag.
    She knows I wont say anything, I'm disease free, as I'm married and I will teach her in the proper manner.
    I've "broken her cherry", taught her oral s** skills and we're working on a*** s** at present.
    We've practiced various sexual positions and techniques.
    I wont' lie and say I don't enjoy the pleasure she gives me, but she's being satisfied as well.
    She's a very pretty, physically fit (cheerleader and gymnast), intelligent girl.
    She's very popular in school, though she has made a point of not engaging in sexual acts with boys her age until her "education" is complete.
    She's learned a lot in the past year we've been seeing each other and I have much more in store.
    Depending on how well she does in the next few months, I may decide to share her with a close friend of mine to get his critique.

  • Then maybe you would want to kill me as well. I started at the age of 16 with 14 year old girls and now at 56 the latest is with our neigbour's young one who just turned 15. As per my previous comment we are not emotionaly involved and I am only teaching her the "ropes". I haven't penetrated her yet as we're still concentrating on c********** at this stage.

  • I guess your viewpoints make me feel slightly better (?) cuz sometimes I think back to that time and I felt that we were genuinely in love. He even left his wife, but eventually he found someone closer to his age and so did I. I suppose all the stuff media puts out about this issue is what makes me feel horrible (to catch a predator, law and order, etc). I always looked older for my age so I suppose he wasn't necessarily pedophile status into little girls.

    But still, how would you feel if your daughter or sister got into this type of relationship at a time when she was confused and lost? I know I would wanna kill that old man.

    I still think it's wrong, I guess. I hope you as married men do not intend on \\"teaching\\" other young girls. I wish I had learned these skills with a guy my age. It would have been more special.

    But then again, how would you feel if your young

  • Your advice to young girls is correct in the sense not to get emotionaly involved. A married man only has s** with a young girl for his own pleasure. As for the sexual side: I agree with commentor # 1. You wouldn't find a better "teacher" than an old married man.

  • You sound ungrateful. This older man actually took you under his wing and taught you skills that will come in handy for the rest of your life.
    He taught you how to please a man, am I correct?
    He probably taught you oral skills first, then coital techniques.
    He put himself in a lot of danger when he got involved with you.
    You didn't say you got pregnant, so I assume he was careful in that area as well. Did he use condoms, or did he have you learn and use the rhythm method?
    In any case, you can't say you haven't used your sexual knowledge in later years.
    Think of the position you'd be in if you had not acquired it.
    My wife lost her virginity at the age of 16 to a 56 year old married man who was her boss at her part time, after school job.
    He schooled her in the various sexual arts for 2 years, until she left for college.
    I have to say as her husband, I owe him a debt of gratitude.
    By the time we were married, when she was 22, she was an absolute artist at oral s** and just about every other thing a man enjoys in bed.
    So, instead of being so bitter, you should feel happy and proud that you learned at an early age what so many girls never find out.
    You should be thanking him.

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