I'm a married guy, 32 y.o. and my wife is 28, blonde and very shapely and pretty.
We had some guys over last Monday night to watch football.
My wife served food and of course, drinks.
There were 6 guys over, 4 of whom I knew from work and 2 of their friends whom I hadn't met.
Well, as might be expected, it got pretty rowdy toward the end of the evening, with most of the guys getting pretty drunk.
All the guys left after the game, except for one guy I work with and his friend, who I don't know.
Now this guy was a really big, muscular guy and I could see he was a mean drunk.
I was just hoping he would leave before he got mad at somebody and started a fight.
Anyway, my friend was passed out on the couch and I was close to doing the same. My wife was pretty drunk as well.
I sat down in my recliner chair and started to doze.
I woke up in a haze to see my wife and this guy I don't know, the mean drunk were talking over by the T.V.
As I watched, he grabs her by the elbow and starts pushing her toward the bedroom door.
She was drunk, and it looked like she was trying to resist and pull away, but he just kept on pushing and holding on to her arm and as I watched through my drunken haze, he had closed the door behind them.
I was going to jump up and do something, but then I got to thinking that I was really pretty drunk, this guy could kick my ass or worse, because HE'S pretty drunk and I didn't want to wind up in the hospital emergency room.
Well, I did nothing. I sat there for a moment and I tried to ignore the noises coming from the room, then the "haze" closed in and I drifted to sleep.
When I woke up a few hours later, I was alone. My friend and his big, drunk buddy were gone.
I got up and went into the bedroom.
My wife was on the bed, naked and passed out, her clothes thrown all around the room.
There was a small smudge of blood between her legs on the bed sheet.
When I was able to wake her up, she told me he had forced himself on her and raped her twice.
She said when he finished, he just got up, dressed and left.
I know that if I'd done something when I wanted to, none of this would have happened. But instead, I thought of my personal safety and pretty much gave him my wife for his pleasure.
I'm too ashamed to go to the police.
Right now, the way I figure it, what's done is done. She's on the pill, so there's no danger of pregnancy. She kind of feels the same and doesn't want any trouble either.
We're going to chalk it up to experience.

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  • So your cowardly pathetic ass couldn't have grabbed a golf club or a knife? A lamp? A f****** stick to defend your wife? You shouldn't even call yourself a man, you're more disgusting than the rapist!

  • ^^^ I agree with the guy. He's not about to get himself hurt over his wife being forced to take a little "strange".
    What's done is done. There is no benefit in him going to the police.
    His wife is alright, not hurt.
    Let it go. It's not worth the pain.

  • Original poster here;
    No, that's alright, I think I'm going to let it go.
    This guy would probably go bananas if I went to the cops.
    Besides, he know where I live and work.
    I don't feel like getting put in the hospital for something that's over and done with.
    Besides, he just kind of forced himself on her, not an actual, real rape.
    If he does it again, maybe. But not now.

  • ^ Or she was just drunk out of her mind

  • if she didnt scream or fight it then she probably planned the whole thing with him anyway im sorry to say that to u but i mean think about it

  • Continuing to do nothing now that the danger has passed is worse than wimping out like you did. Hey a****** stand up for your wife and for yourself for once in your life and go to the police. Other women are not your responisibility? F*** you. You are just a scared little b**** so scared you let another man rape your wife. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror? So get your wife and go to the police and do the right thing. Then come back here and tell us that for once in your life you were a man.

  • it's not late to press charges. it's your wife's and your word over his. and i think that you know you can get justice served to him with the help of authorities. you will regret this if you take no action.
    im sorry to hear what happened to your wife thou

  • Original poster;
    I'm not worried about any std's.
    And as far as another woman is concerned, that's not my worry.
    What the h*** am I going to tell the cops anyway.
    That my wife went into the bedroom and had s** with this guy?
    There are no bruises, no cuts or scrapes.
    Actually, you'd have to say he forced himself on her, not that she was raped.
    In a rape, there are usually marks of trauma. If a man forces himself on her, there usually aren't.
    The only blood was from where he had forced himself into her.
    She told me later he was too big for her, but he forced himself in anyway.
    Like I said, I'm ashamed that I didn't jump up to do anything about it. I just sat there and tried not to think of what he was doing.
    I don't even think the police will take a complaint now anyway.
    It's been 3 days now. There isn't even any evidence of him ever having touched her.
    The only thing left behind now is his sperm inside of her and I've never heard of them being able to test THAT.

  • oh my...your not going to say ANYTHING?? your basically letting this guy out loose and let him rape another woman? think about your wife and the possible victims. you should also get your wife checked out for any stds.

  • Original poster;
    No, I didn't hear her scream, like I said, she looked like she was trying to pull away, but she couldn't.
    I don't think she just went to sleep, she passed out.
    She never did drink that much and when she does, that's what happens. She loses consciousness.
    As far as I know, she could have been passed out during the whole ordeal. She didn't tell me she really remembered anything other than it happened twice.

  • she didn't scream. she wasn't resisting very hard. then she just went to sleep...

  • Wow, you are a horrible person. I'm guessing this is a troll?

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