Confessed to my mother

I'm 60 years old now and my mom is 79 years old. When I was a teenager my parents divorced and I would find my mom drunk passed out cold sleeping half undressed or completely naked. I started feeling her up whenever she got drunk and she never woke up or moved a muscle the whole time.
I finally got up the nerve to get honest with her and tell her what I was doing with her way back in the 70s. At first I thought it was going to kill her when I finally found the right words to try and explain why I was doing things with her when she was so drunk she had no idea what I was doing. She finally said to me that she thought something was going on because when she woke up in the morning she would find dried sperm on the sheets and her body. She told me she was hoping she was imagining it because to think that one of her boys was molesting her in her sleep was so unbelievable that she convinced herself in was all in her mind. I told her that at the time I was so curious about the opposite s** and she would be nude in front of me I couldn't help myself.

Nov 26, 2019

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  • You may reconnect this sexuality with her as she knows all about it now. It should be joyful for both of you. You both want to f*** at this of yours, isn't it?

  • I did that with my Mom. I f***** her every night she came home drunk
    and told he years later.

    She said she knew it was me, since the first time. She was able to enjoy s** with me and not fell guilty about have incest. She said she finally was getting good s** from what I did. She only wishes she had to nerve to open her eyes so I could see she was awake.

    She also said, my little sister Grace is actually my daughter.

    After I told her that night we began sleeping together and have s** several times a day. It was even better than I remember and she could suck c*** like a vacuum.

    I love incest with my mother. She now 85. We started again when she was 65.

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