Binge drinking sister.

This started years and years ago when we both were teenagers and on a family cruise. My sister and I were sharing a cabin on the ship which was fine since we got along well. On the 4th day of the cruise once we actually reached our destination where there was no legal drinking age her and I got quite drunk... her to the point that by mid afternoon I had to help her back to the ship. She planned to take a shower to "sober up" so I told her I would be come back early that evening to check on her. When I returned she was laying the wrong way across her bed on top of the covers completely naked with a towel next to her. At first I started moving her the right way onto the bed with the intent of putting the covers over her but once I started moving her I both realized it was going to be really difficult to get her under the covers and that she wasn't waking up at all from me moving her around. At this point my 14 year old hormones took over and figured out that there was a lot of other things I could probably be doing with her that also wouldn't wake her up. I started out mostly just kissing and feeling her up but ended up having s** with her several times while she was passed out. I've done this 3 more times since then all when she was incredibly drunk but she was awake or at least in and out of consciousness the last 3 times so I have no idea if she remembers anything about any of them or not. I'm bringing this here now because she recently told me she's getting divorced and wants to come live with me until she can find a new job and place to stay. I'm very interested in using this opportunity to talk with her and see if she remembers any of the stuff we've done when she was drunk then talking to her about making our relationship sexual when she's sober as well but I have no idea how to bring it up without being obvious because if she doesn't remember I want to be able to change the subject...

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  • That's your sister! Ask God for forgiveness and see a professional for help.
    You obviously can't get a woman to have s** with you, but there are "things" called prostitutes!
    Not your sister, man! That's wrong in so many ways!
    Maybe she is into it just as much as you! So be it, you can't help the way you were raised.
    But I'm just saying it's wrong! If you want an honest answer, because all the other people leave comments like they're not shocked by the whole thing!
    I'm shocked! I regret even reading this story. I'm going to have nightmares!

  • just be straight up with her. just say listen, i found you passed out on the cruise and figured i could smash your box without getting caught, plus, since then i do it every chance i get.


  • Yeah that's a tough one. If it goes bad you are accused of raping your sister and that could be really messy.

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