One thing about my mom - her body was nothing to be ashamed of and it was just another natural act for her to undress in my presence. I can recall memories of lying on her bed and watching while she got dressed for work early in the mornings or sometimes at night when she undressed to take a shower. Of course it went both ways and it would be just as natural for her to come into my room or bathroom whenever.
It slowly took a turn when I reached puberty at around 12. I started getting hard-ons when looking at her pubic bush while she was naked. At first I tried to hide my predicament by turning on my stomach, but she soon became aware of my reaction. One morning she just said: "I see my boy is growing up to be a man now."
After that there were a couple of occations when she caught me masturbating in my room, specially after watching her taking a shower. She would just turn around and close the door behind her, some time later to return when she thought I was finished, with a hot-chocolate drink or something cold during summer.
Then came one Friday night just after I turned 14. My dad and older brothers were on a weekend camp and we took out some videos to watch. We were snuggled up on the couch in our pj's with a blanket to cover against the chill over our bare legs. One particular film had some close to explicit s** and naked scenes and it wasn't long before I had a throbbing hard-on. Mom must have noticed me fondling under the blanket. After a while I felt her hand against my leg. I took my hands away and turned a little on my side towards her - our bare legs touching. And then her hand closed around my erectness.
We didn't speak. Our eyes were focussed on the screen, but our minds were on the action under the blanket. At first she just held it in her hand and pressed it a few times. It instantly grew so hard that at times I thought it would just burst open right there in her hand. My throat became dry and I was soon panting like a little puppy. Then she started stroking. Slowly at first. I turned on my back and lifted the blanket to give her more freedom on her strokes.
It seemed for hours but I think I lasted about two minutes. She must have sensed my climax approaching and responded by quickly increasing the tempo. The moment I felt it comming I threw the blanket off and next thing I was shooting my load all over her hand. At that stage I was wildly pumping in rhythm with her strokes and my pent-up c** just flew all over us.
Afterwards when the excitement died down and my hard-on subsided she went to the bathroom to get a cloth to clean up.

Early the next morning I woke before sunrise with a new hard-on. I quickly went to mom's bedroom and after pulling my pants off I quietly crept under the blankets and spooned with her. She was still asleep and I carefully wormed my stiff little p**** in between her legs. I could feel the tip touching her pubic bush through her panties. Within a few moments I was carried away and pumpnig mommy wildly from behind. It only resulted in waking her up. Mom wasn't impressed.
Later at the breakfast table she warned me not to ever try that again. Needless to say, that also put an end to her touching me as well.


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  • Damn mom sending mixed signals! Wtf dude! Her loss.

  • I was from a large family, and it wasn't unusual for my sister and I to sleep in same bed when my brothers and I was fighting. I was maybe 13 or 14, and my sister was 6 years older and working... many times I would get a erection and expose it out of my shorts between my legs as I pretend to be asleep on top of her bed when she come home at night..nothing ever happen beyond that, these feeling toward other family members when you hit puberty is not unusual, but your mom jacking you off is...

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