My mom's friend

It was my 18th Birthday and my Mom invited her friend over so she wouldn't be alone with a bunch of Teenagers, I was the only one 18 so no Strip Club.

After my friends left, my mom got a call from her work they needed her to close the store, her friend told her it was fine she could go.

She got in her night-gown and proceeded to turn the couch into a bed and asked if I wanted to watch T.V, I wanted to watch Game of Thrones so I said yea; we started to watch it and she was talking to me while we did constantly getting closer during the fight scene and touching my leg during the romantic part. Then the s** scene happened and I got a hard-on..I couldn't hide it nonetheless she still had her hand on my leg.

She noticed it and giggled after the episode ended and she turned the TV off she asked me if she looked good for her age, I not wanting to offend her said yea you do; and then she just laid a kiss on me. I didn't really know what to do and then before I knew it she was on top of me and had my shorts off and in her.

This was my first sexual encounter and I've never told anyone....I don't know what to say when my Mom and her are near me I get scared and try to leave quickly...

Aug 14, 2014

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  • It's always a plus to have a chick or an older lady want your b**** when you're that young - I'm 32 now & would kill to go back to those days when someone who isn't me f***** the hot 30 year old high school bus driver for a year and a half when you were 16, and every time her husband was gone you f***** yourselves raw (without a rubber 100% of the time BTW, someone who isn't me blasted so many loads inside her, that young I never knew you 100% of the time were SUPPOSED to wear one) until one morning you walked out of her bedroom and she had a mixed bunch of people there and she didn't give you the heads up, and someone who isn't me didn't exactly get busted but close enough to call that the end, haha. Moral of the story, make your d*** as happy as you can for as long as you can as often as you can until the day you die, shut up about it to even your best friends, and if you happen to find another chick or 2 closer to your age, just f*** all of them, end of story.

  • I would keep it a secret and tell NO ONE are you still banging her or was that a one time deal ? You better learn how to eat p**** or she will find another lover

  • Moms friend was a young ministers wife. she acted more like my Gf most of the time. She had me pick her up carry her around. Liked my big shoulders. She was in my room when I finished showering. I had a ball game and mom was done. I f***** her on the bed. I took her for a drive in my car and f***** her in the car. We became pretty hot and heavy. I never wore a condom and she never said anything. Few months later she was swelling and I could tell her small tight body was full of baby. She told her husband what we did and he ask her to decide. He would accept the baby if it was his or not. She told me she knew I got her pregnant in my room, no question it was mine. He and she had s** once a month at best. They moved to make things easy on the church. I have not seen my son in many years. I hear he was a big guy like me.

  • Awesome dude! Older women are great for having s**, they can teach you a lot. My first sexual encounter was with a woman who was close to 40. I was 16 (told her I was 18, lol). I still remember it clear as day. My d*** didn't even make it in her p**** the first time, I was so excited by her touching it I shot a huge load on her hands and arms. At that age though, I was ready to go again within minutes. I think I came about six times in the two hours I was with her. Of course she enjoyed f****** me too. I saw her for about six months before she ended it. What a great f*** she was.

  • Yea f*** that hungry s***... Share her with your friends too...

  • You don't say anything to your mom. You go over to the friend's house and continue to pound her. Keep taking advantage of the opportunity while you can.

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