She is teasing me

My wife knows I like to look at little girls. I am trying to do better and not think those thoughts. But when our neice came to stay for two weeks on summer my wife would tease me about her. One night when our neice was taking a bath my wife had me come in and wash her hair. There was only a little water in the tub and I could see her private spot. My adreniline shot way up. I only washed her hair I did not touch her anywhere but her head. But as I rinsed the shampoo out I peaked down at her. I know that if I touched her it could cause her emotional trauma so I was very carefull not to. My wife got her pay off. When I came to bed I was really worked up and our s** was awesome. I didn't think that women would do that, set up a little girl to be looked at like that.

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  • Your wife sounds like the pervert in your family!

  • You should have enjoyed the little girl. Obviously your wife is ok with it.

  • Wow, what a wife. That's a dream.

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