thank you for serving your country

i joined the army at age 18 as a mechanic. they put me in a military police unit. in iraq our mission was a maximum security prison for captured terrorists. in 5 months we had 3 riots.

the sergeant major told us the army will always win. we'll try and win by telling them to stop. we'll try to win by showing them our guns. we'll try and win with pepper spray, paintballs, and tazers. when all else fails, we will win with machine guns.

one of those riots ended with the machine guns. i was the machine gunner. i killed 337 unarmed detainees. oh yeah by the way this "never happened." no news crews, no media, no investigations, nothing. those 337 people never existed. the army has no record of ever seeing them. in fact, according to them, i was never trained on the use of a machine gun. i was at the motor pool fixing trucks, because im a mechanic, not riot control.

now i have post traumatic stress syndrome. i have nightmares sometimes and other times i cant sleep at all. when i see blood or hear someone yell, i get flashbacks. i'm a mechanic. im elbow deep in an engine compartment on a daily basis. everyone scratches their hand on something once a week, and once a week i cant stand seeing the blood, and nobody understands. i dont tell anybody about it.

when i get out of the army, i want to join the peace corps.

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  • I wish I could think something like you describe would never happen in today's armed forces, but I too am a veteran (Lebanon) and have seem plenty of s*** that "never happened" also. And I'm told I can't have PTSD because I never served in a theater of combat.

  • 3 Navy Seals are going to trial for punching a Terrorist and you killed 337 detainees? FICTION! Fiction mean "unture", in your case it also means "made up" and "fake."

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