no intention of cheating,but can't resist flirtin

i have a boyfriend who i love, we're engaged actually, after almost 10 years together. our relationship is perfect. but now i met this other guy with whom i feel very comfortable, i really enjoy talking to him, there's a strong intellectual chemistry between us, but no physical attraction AT ALL, at least on my part, which means i'm not actually interested in him.

but i really do enjoy being with him, and there's a very clear flirt going on, which i feel excited about. and that is something i missed, 10 years into a relationship: the excitement of wondering if he's going to call, the subtle hints, the game...

on the other hand, i don't want to give this other guy false hope; i can't just stop seing him because we're involved in a project together; and i can't tell my boyfriend about this because i really don't want to lose him, i honestly still love him;

but the flirting is so fun, and i missed it so much....

any advice?

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  • Everyone should step aside for the young. I should step aside for younger people for work or love. I should do this or that. I should. should should should.

  • Guys love having a sexy girl flirt with them

  • Dont worry it is natural

  • I ALWAYS flirt with other guy's wives and girlfriends.
    The reason is because I know that if they flirt long enough, I'll be f****** them, or at least get a b*******.

  • Yeah... My soon-to-be-wife found herself in a similar situation. Their overly obvious flirting (aka, emotional affair) destroyed our relationship. I would recommend walking away, or even better, running. You may have fun flirting for a small amount of time now, but when this boy is gone, the rest of your life will feel like an eternity when you're living in regret... For both you and your fiance.

  • Well... can you totally stop? You are indeed leading the new guy on. It could totally hurt your relationship with your current guy.

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