Backseat Makeout

So, I'm a guy. And me & two of my friends (one guy, known for little over a year, and one girl, known for about a month) hung out tonight. We got together at like 9:30 and didn't leave each other til around 6 something in the morning, at which time the girl and I went to McDonalds for breakfast. In this course of time we went to Starbucks, went to Walmart, went to IHOP, and went back to Walmart.

We were both hitting on the guy very heavily at IHOP (I'm bi, she's bi, he's bi but has never done anything with another guy. We are all 18) So we were asking what it would take for him to kiss me. If he kissed me, he got to kiss her too. Well, long story short, as he was leaving Walmart, the girl showed me that she had slipped his keys out of his pocket, therefore he couldn't leave.

We walked out to my car to watch him not be able to leave, but turns out he had two keychains. We had his house keys by mistake. We ended up bargaining with him on how to get something from us (at which time he didn't know was his house keys, but was pretty sure). All he had to do was kiss me, then he could kiss her as well, then have his keys.

***Here's the big deal***
The three of us ended up in his backseat. Me on the driver side, him in the middle, and she on the passenger side. He and I went in for our kiss, his first with a guy. We made out for about 30 seconds. It was wonderful. Then the two of them kissed. She showed him that we indeed had his keys, but we both wanted more. She gave the keys to me and I pocketed them. So we went in for another kiss. This one was like the energizer bunny. It just kept going & going & going. Then they kissed. And kissed again. And again. Again. Again. 6 times total. I said that if she had an even number, then I wanted an odd number. It took some convincing, but I got my 3rd kiss and it was great.

She is one of my best friends girlfriends. They've only been dating for 3 days. However, we both enjoyed our makeout time with our friend.

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  • No such thing as "bi", just people with no morals. You and your ilk will do anything with anyone!

  • That was uncool to blackmail a kiss. I guess he did not mind after thinking about it.

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