Now we are 'girlfriends'

We are work friends. We went to a concert together, it was very exciting. We went to a club afterwards and we danced. Cooling down after a dance there was 'the kiss'. So what's wrong with that? We are both girls, that's what's wrong. The kiss was a love kiss, full on, I want to kiss you kiss.

That kiss made everything very weird between us. She initiated it, but I opened my lips when her tongue pressed against my lips. Not quite a French kiss, but not a peck either. I should add that neither one of us had ever kissed another girl.

We went to lunch to talk about it, we agreed it was a moment and we would look past it. Until she took my hand to walk me across the street. Why did she do that? I don't need protecting. I ignored it. Under normal circumstances, but it wasn't normal. And holding her hand felt good, felt normal. I took her hand and we walked along the street to the deli.

When we ordered I offered to share. We shared, we held hands when we left. Until we got back to our building. It's like that between a boy and a girl, except it was like that between a girl and a girl. We went out Saturday night. We kissed, girl on girl, no holding back now. Hand on b****** kissing. And the rest you can imagine for yourself.

Apr 20

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  • Confess it all. Please. I’m think it’d be interesting to know details on what you did, how it felt, if you felt totally normal after and if you long to comfort each other again. Many people are “curious” and want to know. Who knows… it may help people figure out if it’s right for them.

  • It is amazing. I’ve been with many men and I love getting stretched out by a huge c***.

    But there is nothing my arousing than being touched and kissed by another woman

  • Only thing better is watching your husband pound another woman then licking his c** from her sexy little c***.

    I love watching my husband pound younger women in their early 20’s. He is quite well endowed so it’s a treat to see the young ladies enjoy the pain that such a big c*** creates as it stretches them to the edge

  • Is it true that it never rains on a Tuesday? Because it poured just last Tuesday!

  • I'm not inclined towards superstition, and rightfully so. My priest has been telling me that it's alright for two men to hold hands together. Goodness me! How the times have changed!

  • Perfectly normal woman are naturally polygamous

  • Yes biologically speaking women are wired to enjoy s** and should have as much s** as they desire with any one they desire.

    It’s Gods will for women

  • Les in the making.

  • All women are wired for desire. All women enjoy licking and being licked. It’s natural

  • So if you're not a Les say No?!

  • I desire both

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