a very sad day.

its sad that the highlight of my day, is pretending to go to lunch with friends, when i really go alone. and eat in my car. that way i finally get a moment to breathe and be on my own. its sad that im that anti social. stupid social anxiety.

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  • Yeah i have friends i eat with and everything- but other than them i just dont' know how to talk to people- i just can't do it i dont' know why!!!

  • I have that problem. It eats me alive from the inside out. I trust noone. Maybe we should be friends.lol

  • I see a lady do this in my small town. Every day. Parked in the same place. But then she'll drive off close to 1pm. Just curios behavior.

  • Watching her every day so that you notice a pattern is rather "curios" behavior too, and not in a good way. Is that what passes for fun in your podunk town?

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