i'm bi but i want to be straight

okay, so i probably have the most convoluted story ever. first i told people i was bi, then i decided i wanted to be straight and pretended it was just a phase, and now i really like this girl who is bi but she has this fat manly girlfriend and she doesn't know i'm bi, obviously, because now everyone thinks i'm straight. i WOULD come out, because i'm not afraid of the reaction, but i just don't want to be thrown into a stereotype of "lesbian" because i really hate what comes with that and even if its not hatred, people DO treat you differently. especially guys, they think they can talk about their "personal business" so to speak, in front of you, but HEY i like guys too, i don't want to be treated as one of them!


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  • So you're confused as h3ll but want unconditional validation no matter which persuasion you tell people you are at any given moment.


    Close your fool mouth, get on some anti-psychotic medication, and talk to a counselor. THEN "worry" about which flavor you're pretending to be. Is it an attention thing, or are you just flat-out psycho?

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