So confused and insucure...

Im not confessing a particular thing but more like a serious of events which are making me weaker and weaker by the day....I lived in england for 12 years of my life (im only 13) and just a few months ago moved to Africa!!! I had so many good friends there and it was extremely hard to now in africa i have no friends and im a wreck (ill explain why in a minute) I have absoloutly no talents and no purpose in life...i know im young and all that s*** but f*** i'd still like to be able to do something exept read and eat...I think i have B.E.D (an eating disorder) which can cause i have one great friend called Mari and she was in england with us for a while and then she came back here but now she barely talks to person called silvia has helped me through it all assuring me it will all be alright but she has really been having a hard time (like really really bad!) and she cuts her self a lot...and has lots and lots of scars...but recently she's had some problems with an ex bf...who apparently still loves her and she still loves but she is now together with a girl (shes bi) and she loves them both but now...she's going to commit suicide and honouestly the only reason i dont commit suicide is because of her...yu may think my lifes not so bad and it probably isnt but i just hate every minute of it!! And i love her so much and im so worried that she is going to leave me all alone...

Jul 8, 2010

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  • who gives a s*** fukr!!! you can read it right!!??.. then shut the f** up!!...
    sorry yo, i just needed to tell that fukr something Lol. well hey tell her how you feel nd care. :]

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