Found my soul-mate

I reconnected with a high school crush about a year ago, just six short months after I married my husband. My high school crush and I hit it off immediately and have hardly gone a day without some sort of communication, whether it be email, facebook messages, texting, etc...

In September, we got together for what I thought would be a simple 2 hr lunch, but we ended up spending the night together. It was magical and every moment felt like time had stopped just for us. I think about that day ceaselessly and have surrendered to the fact that he is the one my soul longs for and belongs to.

I do care about my husband, love him even, but my heart feels lonely for the one who holds my heart in his hands. Just to make matters worse, I'm 6 months pregnant.

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  • Whether or not you stay with your husband because of your selfishness shouldn't be your decision. Tell your husband the truth and he could possibly leave you because of your decit. You have to pay for the consequences. It must be nice to have found your soulmate but be a good person tell your husband.

  • Be fair to your husband and tell him the truth. I'd deserves at least that.

  • You cannot be in a marriage when you are unhappy. Even if you are pregnant with your husbands child, do what is right for you, and the rest will follow. If your high school crush/soulmate is what you feel is right, then be with him.
    Don't drag an unhappy marriage out, just because you feel you owe him because you are married.

  • Go for what you feel is the best for you.

  • S***

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