Two-Timer with Catholic Guilt

I am the other woman. We're both in college. He: has been dating Her for a few years, they live together, but he's been unhappy for a while. It first happened when we got drunk at a party, and made out. This was also when we confessed our long-time crushes on each other. (Believe me-- there was too much sexual tension from the start, not to mention an intellectual attraction.) We had been sneaking around for two months-- including a few different occasions in which I've called it off, tried to pretend like the drunken hook-up never happened, and reminded him how much of a j*** he was for chasing after me when he still has HER to go home to. And then we had great s**. And then I felt absolutely HORRIBLE about it the next day.

We're on vacation now, in separate towns. He desperately wants to be with me, and doesn't want me to forget about him while I'm away (especially once I told him I would not come back to him when I came back to school). I take this with a grain of salt. We fought two days ago, about the fact that he has wanted to break it off with her for months but hasn't done anything about it. I called him insincere, selfish, untrustworthy. I said I could never date him, because he would only do the same to me. I know he has an apartment, shared possessions, mutual friendships to worry about-- but I noted that he's already screwed things up big time, and she was bound to find out.

So he told her about US. And called me about it, to tell me they broke up-- partially. I told him he did the right thing. But I also told him I wouldn't talk to him for the next month. Did I do the right thing? What more can I do? Especially when I see him at school again?

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