Be a man

I hate when my boyfriend gets sad or mad. It's like stop being a f****** p**** and man up. God I can't stand when he's sad at all! He mopes around like it's the end of the world and I just want to yell at him "you're a guy! Get over over it!" it p***** me off so much because a lot of the stuff he gets sad about isn't even a big deal. But we just can't do ANYTHING we planned for the day because he's oh so boohoo sad.

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  • Stop being such a total b****, g*******. We men have feelings too, and we have to listen to your b**** ass whine when you have your g******* period. To highlight why you're a b****; we just suck that s*** up and buy your dumb ass chocolate so you can stuff your face and then b**** at us because you feel fat because your greasy little sausage fingers can't stay away from something that is essentially pure f****** sugar. F*** you. Seriously F*** YOU.

    Maybe you should stop and read a f****** book for a change and realise that there might be something up with him and he might actually need some medical attention. I've been through depression and my girlfriend treated me like I was worthless when I couldn't get out of bed or broke down crying because inside I felt empty, hollow, and longed for death.

    Be a proper girlfriend and support your man for f***'s sake, he's obviously in some sort of trouble.

  • Side note: I dumped that b**** as soon as my medication kicked in and I realised what a worthless excuse for a companion she was. I suggest you get your act together before your boyfriend does the same and f**** some hot blonde with big teats and blows the biggest load he's ever shot right up her s*****.


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