I think my degree was a total waste of time.

Student loans are completely the devil.

I can't tell you how much I regret having taken one out, and for the Stupidest Degree Ever, to boot. I should never have gone to grad school to start with and should certainly not have gone into debt for it.

Starting out your adult life in the hole SUCKS. So many of us who take out student loans can only get really s***** jobs post college anyway, and somebody should have smacked us with some Reality before we got in over our heads.

I kind of think it is a good thing that it's becoming harder to get loans. I wish there was a commensurate rise in scholarships and grants, however.

Sometimes I wonder at the value of a college education, though. If you are like me, and you knew nothing going in, and you go to whatever school is close and offers you a good scholarship, you *might* not actually be getting the quality of education that will particularly boost the later quality of your life. Sure, I graduated with "Honors" and in the top 10% of my class, but it was from a third-tier middlewestern state college.

Then I took on a ridiculous MA from a foreign country. [i]That[/i] was a winner of an undertaking, of course.

Given where I am in my "career" at this point in my life (I'm working in a call center as a phone monkey for f***'s sake), I could have dropped out of high school and smoked pot for the past 15 years and been doing about as well.

I expect that my voracious library and internet habits pre and post college (okay, the Internet thing has only been post college) as well as my constitutional tendency to observe the world around me and my fellow man in it have stood me as well as my liberal education. It's the argument of educators that a liberal education isn't strictly for getting a career, but for broadening minds, but I'm on the edge of calling bullshit on that notion. Some of the most interesting, observant, and intelligent people in my life never completed highschool. Each of them is well read, can research things for himself, and can discuss all sorts of matters in depth. And I've known plenty of people who are educated to the gills who rarely have a single original or interesting thought to share.

Unless you really have a skill or a talent to hone, I don't know that a pricey formal education is the way to go about it. I think people who are sufficiently intelligent and independent would be better served in saving their money and pursuing a course of autodidacticism.

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  • 35 years from now, when new census data is generated, liberal arts students will on average be much worse off than trades school students. The out of date statistic politicians love to quote, "college students make $1 million more than high school graduates on average" was based on those grads graduating in the 60's and 70's.


  • I am with all of you on this. I just finished my BA, and I feel just as lost as when I entered University. No job prospects, no applicable skills, and lots of bills to be paid. I could either settle into a minimum wage job and keep looking around and hoping for the best, or go to college again. Sooo I'm back in school, not because I want to futher my learning and expand my mind, but because I don't know what else to do!

  • I did my undergraduate in Political Science at the esteemed University of Toronto...what a crock of s***. I graduated with a 3.0 (about 75%) average, and haven't learned a thing. I have no skills that are applicable in the real world. The only things I'm good at are reading archaic texts and articles that no one gives a f*** about. I can write an argumentative essay and do a critical analysis of someone else's work, but that doesn't really get me many interviews. I cannot get an internship at any decent company. There are no government jobs at either the municipal or federal level. There's no way I will put myself in further debt by pursuing graduate school. Right now I work as a telemarketer (typical 40 hour job) and do factory work for 16 hours on the weekends. I am 23, making minimum wage, living with my parents, and I have no future. People from my high school, with only a diploma, are earning twice my salary. They worked full-time, got the necessary experience, and went on to well-paying careers. A degree in the liberal arts is the biggest scam in history...don't make the mistake I made!

  • Oh God- I so hear you on this. Education is nothing more than a big business like anything else and it's all about numbers now. Human beings are learners by nature and there is no reason why a piece of paper is the only way to certify whether one can truly be deemed 'educated'- unless, like you say, there is a particular skill or craft to hone.

    Without sounding cheesy- I feel your sorrow, I feel your pain. I wasted my time getting a degree as well. That was fifteen years ago and I've never even used it. I ended up starting my own business- with no degree, no experience. Just jumped into it and learned as I went while instituting instinct. You're right- no one should start out their adult life in the hole.

    You just do what you want. Seriously. Do what comes naturally to you. Maybe you won't be an millionaire (which shouldn't be a measure of success anyway) but you'll have peace and stability. S**** everyone else and what they think. Life is short and there are enough people in this world who get to the end of their years all bitter and p***** off because they didn't do what they could have/should have when they had the chance.


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