i hate this

this is how it started:
i had a crush
he liked me, asked me out on MSN.
we barely talked in real life but we did on msn - i feel so lame thinking about it
back than i did anything for him execpt talk to him face to face ( I FEEL SO STUPID NOW but thats done.) he said he loved me. i said i did too
but now i know i was sooo stupid cause it isnt love =.= anyways,
suddenly one day he was with a girl and avoiding me, he was going out with her and he never told me we broke up
i pretended it didnt bother me although it should have...
the big secret is that we only talked on msn and hardly had any contact in real life.
I REALLY WANT TO FORGET IT but it was my first so called bf so ya : |

sad isnt it?

Jul 8, 2010

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