I love a boy whos younger than me.

I met this boy called Andy on an online game. I known him by my best friend who goes to the same school as him. Anyways, me and Andy were pretty great friends. Then suddenly i felt this really weird feeling whenever i talk to him online.

I always felt happy, no matter what is going on whenever hes around. He would always talk to me when im on, and so do i. I guess i felt closer to him because hes in year 7 and hes a loner at school. I used to be like him too when i was around his age, so i unnderstand the feeling. Basically, i just wanted to help Andy so he could get friends.

Days and weeeks later, i started to wanted to know more about him. I started to add his facebook, and search pictures to see what he looks like, but no luck. I even downloaded msn messenger just to talk to him.

After 3 months, I started to realise i had a crush on him. I know its wrong, im 16 and hes 13, but i just really love this kid. Im obsessed with him. I mean, hes just adorable and really generous. And were like similar in many ways, so its hard not to fall for him. I always think about him everyday and i always fantasize what it would be like if we actually met in person. Hes like the happiness to my life. In fact when we had a major fight once and didnt talk for 2 weeks, I felt so sad and depressed.

I tried flirting with him, but he always ignores me or just makes a lame comment like "o.o" Two weeks ago, i said i liked him ( i tried to make it sound like a joke but i really meant it) and hes reaction was "EW. Your a pedo" " Your older than me" so yeah i guess he onnly likes me as a friend, but not more than that.

I just really love this boy. Idc if hes younger than me. Hes just so adorable and i really want him to stop being shy and make friends.

Its just so hurtful when you like someone and they dont like you back.

Btw i didnt told anyone because it would be really embarassing to tell. I guess thats why i put it here.

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  • Sick of living in a unheaval restoring house in the middle of renovations that are now 3years overdue, from family illnesses and lack of money. how much more of this suffering alone do I have to endure. I need someone to help me and a real job and a real man in my life. I can't take this anymore. I gave gave gave, always giving to every f*** s*** mongrel around and not doing that anymore while I miss out. always cleaning and doing repairs and fix it go to chick and not doing it anymore. I need some rest and respect. had enough. I need sensual desires and lusts filled. I need a s** life and rewards in public to be rewarded with wealth and money and luxury and job with big wages. sick of living at home with parents when I want more from life. everyone needs to start somewhere like you did. you got things without trouble so why can't i? where is my house and my life and my man and my baby and my job, and my being respected as a adult. sick of waiting.

  • Yeah, Jeez I never thought anyone else could be in this kinda pickle -- in my case we met at basketball -- I help to coach the first year boys at school. I'm 15 and he's 12 and I love him so much. I want to spend all my time with him.

  • I feel the same way I am madly inlove with someone 4 yrs younger he doesn't mind me I haven't tOld him yet cuz I am scared

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