I would do it again

I cheated on my husband last week. I fell bad but also it was something that rekindled something inside me.
I am a mother of 3 kids, married right out of high school. He is a great person and we have a great relationship. I would never hurt him intentionally. From the information you can assume I am not some young dumb girl. In my 40's and know better.
Last week a co worker asked me to have a quick drink with her at some dive bar near the office. I got there first. Half way through my first drink she called and cancelled. Before I could finish the drink a guy walked up and stood beside me at the bar. I would describe him as attractive but an "aggressive pig". He immediately ordered me another drink. I tried to ignore him. He kept giving me complements although very sexual. Then OMG he put his hand on my ass! I tried to pull away but he clamped down like he was in a tornado. To my surprise I was highly turned on. He got more aggressive, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the bathroom. As he locked the door I nearly threw up. It was disgusting! In seconds I was bent over grabbing a dirty sink, my skirt was up and my panties were in around my ankles. He f***** me like an animal. He was much larger than my husband and it was so different. He didn't care about my pleasure. He was verbal, slapping my ass and just using my p**** to get off. He nearly drove my face into the mirror. He grabbed my hair and I felt him get off inside me as he grunted.
He didn't say a word, he pulled up his pants and walked out. I pulled the door shut and gathered myself. As I exited the bathroom I headed to the door with my head down. Went home and straight into the shower.
I feel guilty but God it was so different than the way my husband touches me. I wish my husband would do me that way sometimes.

Jul 1

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  • I know what you mean. I’m in my late 40’s. We have 3ways with my old roommate from college from time to time.

    My hubby pounds her like a w****. She loves it. I drives me nuts seeing my hubby pound her so hard. He is hung like a stud and she is so petite.

    It makes me so wet watching them. I want him to do me like that but when we have s** he makes love to me.

    I just want to be f***** like the s*** I used to be

  • Good luck explaining where the genital herpes came from.

  • Cheating is always fun. I've cheated on my fiancé a few times with random guys I've met at bars or clubs

  • You’re a woman… and thus a w****. Everyone knows all women cheat. I hope he beats the s*** out of you like you deserve.

  • You need to convey that feeling to your husband or get a divorce. I wouldn't want a wife coming home dripping sperm from an unknown and possibly std-infected guy.

  • Enjoy chlamydia

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