How did I come to be this?

I'm in my forties and I am miserable. I feel like I am going thru a midlife crisis. I'm insecure , lost touch with most of my friends and feel alone. My Dr said I have low T. However he is slow getting around to trying me on T replacement therapy. Is there anybody else out there that feels like this? UGH!!!!!

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  • Wow..This hits it right on the head for me. Maybe not so much insecure with myself, but, regarding feeling miserable and maybe mid-life crisis..Probably, yes.

    I have a few friends of my own age or a little older, but seem to keep more company with younger ones, especially women. Some are way younger, which makes me think..Safer. No way they'll have sx with me, so, that's off the table, making it easier to be around them. Many are mid to late 20s or early 30s, and going through things I've already done. Maybe my down moods are the realization that I'm NOT 25 and "on my way up" anymore; That was 20+ years ago now. And I wonder where the h*** I'm going..

  • I too have had less than my normal amount of T. I am also wanting for some good A. I ask you, where is all the good T and A when you need it?

  • Man I am in it right now. Although I am not insecure, I have had T replacement and depending on what you are looking for from it, it can do wonders. Physically it is the fountain of youth. And having a hard body and 10.3 % body fat at 45 years old made me feel great. I would recommend that you do some things for yourself. Work out, take a class on something you enjoy etc. You have a lot of life ahead of you. Do you have a good woman by your side? I think that is my main problem, I have one who belittles and ridicules me. She emasculates me in front of my son and I take it. I am not sure if I will divorce. But I do know that I deserve better... and maybe she does as well.

  • F*** the b****,you will be much happier with yourself and your children by getting away from the MAIN problem...I was once in your shoes and life is much more abundant being completely away from that loonatick b****

  • I went through my midlife crisis early (mid-30's): resigned from a good job, separated from the wife, tried to move across the country, and basically tried anything to get myself out of the "hole." In retrospect, it did far more harm than good.

    Hang in there. Relax, stay calm and free of anxiety, don't worry about T replacement, and firmly believe that your best years are ahead of you.

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