Im sick.
I feel like im anorexic, but I cant be because I dont starve myself.
Everytime I eat I feel an overwelming sense of guilt. I feel like I shouldnt be eating and its just going to make me fat. Everytime I look in the mirror I see a fat person, but I know im not fat, Im 14 (about to be 15) 5'8 and 117lb, Im not fat, but I feel like it.
When ever I eat I feel like crying because I feel so guilty I feel like I shouldnt be eating.
I still eat, I admit I dont eat breakfast, but I eat lunch and dinner, and often snack between lunch and dinner, and after dinner.
I feel guilty because I eat to much, I feel guilty when I eat. I think Im fat, and Im scared something is wrong with me.

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  • i feel the same way honestly
    but just remeber that being healthy is the most important
    and happy
    dont feel guilty, you are eating to fuel your body - aha i know it sounds weird
    but goodluck

    (im 16 and weigh 114 and im 5'3
    im not skinny but people think im really skinny
    but its only because i hide my fat stomach under the baggy clothes i wear. so i feel really insecure with the clothes i wear, because it might be revealed or sometihng
    even thought it isnt a big deal, it just bothers me)
    my eating habits are similar to yours ahaha

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