Need some advice

I need some feedback..i recently left my fiance who i have a beautiful child with. There are many reasons i left, some are that i was just plain miserable. I didnt feel like i could talk to him im not attracted to him. When we would go out together i was always talking about something i shouldnt be or i was to loud or i wasnt funny. The furthest away from the topic of our child was what i was making for dinner or what i planned on doing the whole day. And finally i just couldnt take all the constant phone calls, i couldnt miss one. Now with that said he is a good father, he has tried to give me everything that ive asked for. Deep down i know he loves me but i feel horrible saying that i dont think those feelings are mutual. Am i asking for something out of reach?

May 7, 2012

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  • Don't stay, you will only be miserable. If you don't love him don't stay with him.
    Children are resilent, don't stay with him because you think it will make the child happy.
    The child will be more happy with "happy" parents. Don't waste your life or his.
    I know to many people who stay for the kids.....why?....that's stupid! You will make the child miserable in the long run. Just my opinion.

  • No, you are not,BUT, you should have known this guy better BEFORE you had s** with him.

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