I was passed up for another promotion at my job.
all my life I've been a disappointment
my wife and daughter deserve better

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^I think you're in a cult.

  • There are a lot of reasons one person is promoted over another. Check out this web site I am signed up to recieve their email daily. The sell business and motivational material. Another thing I would like you to view is the John Wooden Pyramid of Success. Let me know what you think.

  • Don't give up! In order to be successful you need to fail. How do you think all inventions came about? By creating the perfect invention just one time? No! It took many failiures to finally get the perfect invention (car, phone, light, etc...). Don't give up! I think your wife and daughter would be more disappointed if you just pittied yourself. Instead figure out what made that person get the job and not you. Hey a lot of the times it is who you know. Maybe they have a better "relationship" with the boss who promoted them.

  • Uh oh! M************ and motherfuckerettes Hop on board the m************ Train of Dizzyaster with the Conductor of Dizzyaster! I'm gonna set you straight!

    You gotta pick yourself up off the m************ ground and stand on your own m************ feet! Tell that boss your m************ complaint!

    ALL ABOARD!!!!! This OP is bound for Ballsville, he has to make a m************ pickup!

  • A lot of what people get in life comes from attitude. Most bosses will hesitate to advance someone who's self-deprecating and shows little ambition. Sure, we all get s*** on in our jobs, but sometimes if you play the game and work on increasing your visibility it pays off.

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