I hate people with kids and say "your lucky you don't have kids"

NO I am not lucky and chances are you don't even deserve them! YOU SURE DON'T DESERVE YOUR HUSBANDS!

Apr 23, 2016

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  • I love my best friend/husband AND we don't have kids, by choice. I am enjoying pitying you from my love nest. Either adopt or shut your whine-hole!

  • Aww, listen to the howls of the Barren Betty. So sad!

    Infertile women regress to being teenage girls as far as vitriol and unending jealousy. It's even more tiresome when the whiner is supposed to be old enough to know better.

    Need some perspective? Google up Bratfree, a childfree site I'm a member of. Come attempt to whine about it in our backyard. We'll sear that boo-hooing right outta ya. Come. It's been a while since we've had a good roast. Come.

  • I know what you mean. I am dating a married man right now, and his wife TOTALLY does not deserve him. I do.

  • Do you have conceiving issues?

  • That would be the only real reason he/she could be mad. Otherwise he/she is just being an overreacting a******.

  • No, they're still being an overreacting a******, regardless of the reason

  • LOL - thanks for the laugh.

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