Think im going to have gay **

My wife has lost all interest in **, unfortunately i havent and i wont cheat with another woman so i have decided to have ** with men. i am straight, never had ** with a man and while i have had fantasies, i have never acted upon them but i am so ** and masturbation is not enough. i want to feel anouther body pressed against me, holding me, loving me. i love my wife but these urges fill me. maybe im just rationalizing but i figure that if i fool around with other women that really is cheating because i have a wife but with a man, its just a guy thing and if i play the bottom it kind of makes it alright. its like im getting that physical contact i need but its also the instrument of giving me the punishment i deserve for getting it. anyways, just bought a burner phone and 180 minutes and going to install grindr and hook up with the first guy that contacts me and i am going to let him do everything to me and let him make me his little ** because i deserve it.

Dec 14, 2020

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  • If you cheat on your wife with a man, it is still cheating. Do your wife a favor and just talk about the lack of ** going on. If she doesn't want to try, you could bring up having an open relationship and if not then just leave her. Why hurt someone you "love"? And obviously be should never just have ** with strangers if you value your life and **.

  • Dude, you are gay! Straight men just do not get it up for another man! Also... “pressing me, holding me, loving me...” WHAT STRAIGHT MAN WOULD EVEN WRITE THAT ABOUT A WOMAN??? Just because you’ve never had ** w/a man doesn’t make you NOT gay. According to your logic, virgins have no sexual preference because they have not had ** yet! I’m a straight woman, so I get the attraction to men, just thinking about a man sliding his ** deep inside me, gets my very wet... but I actually HAVE a **! But guess what, before I had ever had **, I used to ** fantasizing about a man sliding his ** inside me. Once in college after wondering what it would be like to be with a woman, (not a masturbaory fantasy, just thought... why not?) when she kissed me, I felt sick! She decided to get me “really horney” first, so she slid her hand up my skirt, and under my **. Wow! If felt amazing... until I opened my eyes and saw a woman, or touched her anywhere, and felt a woman, or smelled her perfume! I just couldn’t get wet! Why? It felt good, she was very skilled, she REALLY did know how to please a woman, and she was gorgeous! But I’m NOT gay... you sir, ARE! There is NOTHING wrong with being gay, you really need you end it with your wife, before a “one last try” at saving it, infects her with HIV, Hep A, B, or C, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, HPV, Herpes, or genital warts! Because with an attitude that you will have unprotected ** with the first guy to answer an add? You’ll have them all in no time! And from everything I’VE read the reason hugs turn to THAT particular app, is that no others allow unprotected ** to be advertised! Good luck, and please, always use a condom!

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