Chelsea L. Bertrand

Silent somersaults in my throat and pounding in my chest. Blood rushing to the surface of my skin, pupils dilate, mouth drying. All other thoughts vanish from my mind and my whole brain strains to process every curve of your smile, the arch of your brow, the sound of your laugh, the smile in your eyes, the thrill of life and the sincerity in your voice which captures my attention and penetrates through my consciousness as the world drifts by forever in a moment. I'm dangling now from every word you say. Hanging on the edge of the moment our eyes briefly meet. I dread the moment it slips away. Someday special one... Well I say right now! Now special one. Don't waste a second of a minute of a moment of you. If I could, I'd turn you upside down. Your gorgeous smile baits my eyes and tempts my heart to the edge of a fall and makes me want to jump just to see... to taste, to feel, to touch, to know...


Jul 8, 2010

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