One Day

This isn't really a confession I guess but its a poem. One day I hope to find that perfect person for that perfect moment. As we slow dance under the moonlight on the beach, I lay my right ear on his chest. I hear his heart beating it says thump.. thump.. thump as if it was saying, "I Love You." I look up to gaze into his eyes. His warm light brown carmel eyes. They gaze back at me. He wears a warm lighthearted smile on his face. I give an endearing smile back. A gentle breeze blows at the right moment, blowing my hair to the side. He reaches out and slides my hair behind my ear, holding his warm hand at the side of my jaw. I can feel the blood rushing through his vains as he gently kisses my cheek as if I were as sweet as a rose pedal. As we dance in the sand he spins me around and holds me tight. I could smell his fresh cologne in the breeze as he held me. It only made me love him even more. I reach out more to hug him. He whispers in my ear, "I will always be there and love you forever." I smile leaning against him as the small waves rush across our feet, and we just kept dancing. The night in the moonlight will be nothing to much but just right.

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    I dream of this
    Some years ago I married a lady and had hoped for this. To start with we did a lot together. But now nothing. She is busy being busy and is busy on her own. She does not involve me. Sometimes I am allocated a support task. The essence is though that it is all go go go for the good works and no time for together. No time for "us". No sitting on a headland watching the sun rise. No lying on the beach at sun set. And s** well she's to f***** tired for f***** and just falls asleep. So I distract my self on the net visiting sites like this. Shortly I will go for a bike ride and buy breakfast while she does her stuff for the day.

    Do I sound bitter - I do and I don't like the person I've become.

    So I would love to meet someone and start afresh .yes there would be the sadness of potential lost but I've already got that. I hope I have not become a grumpy old man and that this depressive mindset would go away in the the presence of a new love.


  • Sorry but Im a teenager with a teenage dream lol but I am sure you will find that perfect person one day just like I will

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