I don't know what to do...

My parents are always fighting with each other. My mom's mean to my dad, and my dad doesn't listen to her. I'm afraid they may get divorced, even though they told my sister and i they wouldn't. i'm still not so sure, though. Any suggestions?

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  • ^Well that is not true at all. There is a lot this person can do. Granted that keeping someone elses marriage together is not possible they can build their releationship with the parents and if one parent is a better care taker they can make sure they go with them rather than the other. But as with the first commenter a lot depends on how old the OP is.

  • A lot depends on how old you are. I mean if you are 20 the effects of your parents divorcing are entirely different than if you are 11. Answer back so we can give you a good word.

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