I hate my dad

When my parents were married, my dad cheated on my mom. We walked in with our now step-mom in our house (not doing anything, thank god) and the next day, my mom said they were getting a divorce. Ever since then, my dad's treated my sister and myself like utter crap. He doesn't talk to me and he hasn't payed child support in about 2 months. I feel betrayed and very unloved by my dad. He even had to move because he got a new job, which brought him closer to me, and he hasn't tried to visit. It's been almost a year since I've seen him and I'm not sure that I even WANT to see him.

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  • try sending your dad to prison(frame Him),put coke or heroin,in his car,put alot of money in his glove box or trunk,and make damn sure that the money is dirty(you know what i mean).and then phone the Cop's and frame the basterd.I alway's hated my dad.and you will alway's hate your dad.we are not his(your Dad's)Victim's any-more.he need's to go prison for a long time.Hate is what keep's a real good Family alive.And your Dad is not your Family anymore.DON'T CALL HIM DAD ANYMORE.

  • A person should have every God Given right to dis-like his Un-attended Father,you are a Man.But you all who hate your Father's.Yoiu should not have to call them Father.You do not even have to have your father's last name.Since he is not your Father any-more.Rather you should have every-God given-right to have the last name of your beloved Mother.You all that hold the last name of a A-Cursed Bad Father.You Cursed your Father many time's.and you will and shall Have the curse that you cursed your father with.You can Curse your father many time's as you like,But as long as you hold the last name of your Cursed Father.You the Curser shall also bor the same Curse,that you cursed your Father with.So to break the Curse of your Last name of your Father.You must change your last name,to that last name of your Beloved Mother or Mom.Then you will feel better,and less Guity.that you are the son or daughter of a bad father who dis-graced you your entire life.The Only thing that love's you your entire life is your Beloved Mother.She(your Mom) is Your Real and only family.

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