I hate Boys...

I am 14 and I hate boys. You see, my parents were separated since I was 5 and my sister is only a year old. It as a huge shock for me as I'm always a daddy's girl. They separated because my dad got someone pregnant. I'm currently living with my mom and my sister right now. My dad on the other hand, doesn't care about us and I hated him ever since he told my mom that. Still, I love him. It's complicated. My dad only cared about his son from his mistress whom I hate so much too. Though my mom told me not to hate the boy because its not his fault, I just couldn't bear not hating him. Every time my friends talk about their dads I felt like crying, but hid everything inside my mask. Now, as I am writing this, tears are trickling down my cheeks. The truth is I love my dad so much... I really hope he didn't left us. I used to dream that he will watch us grew up and follow the same paths he took. But I guess that's all to late.

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  • It's not too late. People don't always make the best decisions in life. Sometimes relationships don't work and people cheat. That doesn't make it right. Your dad may not be with your mom, but it doesn't mean he's out of your life. Sounds like, it may be strained right now. Your relationship with your father is an important one and it can be fixed. You have every right to be angry and hurt by his actions. Talk to your mom first about what you're feeling and she may be able to help you bridge he gap. And then tell your dad. If you can't tell him in person, then write him a letter how you would like to rebuild the relationship. Tell him the things you miss and would like to plan outings. Your dad has a responsibility to work and repair the relationship he has with you and your sister. Your mom is right, don't hate your little brother. You're his big sister, you have to show him the ropes.

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